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Office Gadgets

Tilen – image tiler for developers

Tilen is an image tiler tool that allows the users to break big images into small tiles and also helps in creating thumbnails from digital images. The image-breaking feature helps displaying as well as processing the images in the computers.

Office Gadgets

Word Wrapper-Hard Carriage Return Remover

Word Wrapper is a simple yet useful application to remove the manual labor of putting carriage returns and formats the text. This application intelligently puts line feed or carriage returns by word wrapping.

Office Gadgets

SayABit- Links based file storage and URL shortener

SayABit is an easy to use online URL shortening application and by using this application, the users can shorten their URLs. Added to that, the application also allows the users to store videos, images and files in their shortened URLs.

Office Gadgets

Permanent Eraser- Erase your files Securely

Permanent Eraser is a software that permanently erase your files. Permanent Eraser uses an elaborate, but effective algorithm that blocks from you accessing the deleted files.

Office Gadgets

SpiderOak- free online collaboration & backup tool

SpiderOak offers you a safe and secure web-based backup of your data. It also deals with providing combined facilities for synchronization and sharing of your data. It allows easy access and storage without having to learn too many complicated steps for handling the software.

Office Gadgets

Plaxo- A Smart, Socially Connected Address Book

Plaxo is a smart, classy address book that keeps you connected socially. It is much better than the conventional and boring address books. You can keep track of old and new contacts using Plaxo. It is a simple and handy software.

Office Gadgets

Pinboard – Social bookmarking for introverts

Pinboard is a low-noise site for bookmarking. If you are a regular Internet user you will want to organize important things that you find on the Internet. Pinboard is a swift and dependable way to bookmark your findings on the Internet.

Specifyapp – online interior design software

Specifyapp is an interior design software. It acts as an online working space for your interior designing firm. You can work with your clients online through Specifyapp. It is a simple and handy software. It saves your time and lets you concentrate on your designs.

Office Gadgets

DocsInOffice – Integrate the Google Docs into MS Office

DocsInOffice is a software which helps to assimilate all data distributed in the net into your desktop applications. DocsInOffice brings to you the ideal solution for instant office integration. Its easy to handle options gives you desired results without much effort.

Office Gadgets

Bloove – Online mobile phone management system

Bloove is the easiest way to use a web-based mobile phone managing system. With the help of Bloove you can not only edit your contacts and send messages (SMS) but can also work with your bookmarks that too using your very own favorite browsers.


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