Plaxo- A Smart, Socially Connected Address Book

Plaxo is a smart, classy address book that keeps you connected socially. It is much better than the conventional and boring address books. You can keep track of old and new contacts using Plaxo. It is a simple and handy software. It is becoming popular for its sophisticated look and effective functionalities.


All your contacts are safe with Plaxo’s secured storage system. You can access your contacts from anywhere whether you are at home, office or outdoors. Plaxo keeps tracks of feeds from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and several other sites and also import contacts from any of these sites. So if you are engaged in social networking Plaxo automatically keeps you connected with your friends in these sites.

Plaxo imports your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, Outlook, Windows Live Hotmail, AT&T, MSN, Linkedln, SBC Global and CSV Import. To use Plaxo you need to create an account in their registered website for free of cost. You can also upgrade to a higher version called the Plaxo Premium. You can avail the Outlook synchronized technology with Plaxo’s premium version. You can manage your contacts, event calendar and other tasks in a coordinated way between computers. The Premium version is free for a limited trial period. Henceforth you can subscribe for Plaxo Premium for less than $5 a month. Plaxo hosts active support base for its users in case you need any assistance.

Features of Plaxo

  1. Easy and simple- Plaxo is easy to start working with. It keeps your data absolutely secured.
  2. Sync with Outlook- Plaxo Premium is focused basically on is synchronization with Outlook. Your Outlook address book is linked to Plaxo. You can access your Plaxo contacts from Outlook itself. You customize your own email signature.
  3. De-Duper- You can unite all your address books. Plaxo allows you to select and delete duplicate contacts from your Plaxo address book and calendar.
  4. Backup and recovery- Automatic backing up of your contacts makes Plaxo secure for storing your contacts. Plaxo maintains a track of changes made in the last 90 days. You can restore your address book from an earlier date.
  5. Google sync- Plaxo maintains sync with your Google address book and calendar. You can view all your contacts together in Gmail and also elsewhere where your Gmail account uses your Google contacts.
  6. Windows Mobile sync- Plaxo address book can be now accessed from your smartphone devices like iPhone and Blackberry or PocketPC.Sync or even over the air.
  7. Unlimited eCards- You can send eCards from our vast selection to your contacts on your Plaxo address book. Plaxo automatically send birthday reminders to you.
  8. Premium VIP Customer Support- Plaxo is always ready to help you. You can ask for expert help through email, Phone call or live chat.

Plaxo is the best at unifying all your contact lists. It works effectively to manage your contacts with numerous other facilities. It surely guarantees your satisfaction.

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