SpiderOak- free online collaboration & backup tool

SpiderOak offers you a safe and secure web-based backup of your data. It also deals with providing combined facilities for synchronization and sharing of your data. It allows easy access and storage without having to learn too many complicated steps for handling the software. SpiderOak provides multiple options merged in to one. This feature of Spideroak accounts for its exclusivity and popularity among users.


Spideroak supports accessing of data from several operating systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows. It also supports many other locations like external drives, network volumes, USB keys etc. You need to create a single account which supports all these operating systems and locations. You can access your entire data set from multiple duplicated locations. Spideroak allows synchronization over multiple platforms. All deleted files and older versions are stored safely. You can share your files and folders instantly with other users in web share rooms using RSS feeds. You can retrieve files from any device with a working internet connection. It has comprehensive “zero-knowledge” data encryption.

Features of SpiderOak

  1. If you make and additions or deletions from your backup set it is automatically updated in Spideroak. Spideroak can safely synchronize multiple folders across several computers and different operating systems. You can selectively share folders with your family and friends, working team and clients. You can access your data any device within the Spideroak network or on the web. You can store data on Spideroak for private viewing.
  2. It has about ten to fifteen times faster speed for data upload. You can save your time by compressing your files and superior de-duplication techniques. You are only charged once for the compressed de-duplicated data volume. This way you can save your money.
  3. You have one joint account which can cross-interact with Mac, Linux and Windows compatible systems. You can also upload backup data from various removable devices.
  4. You can unite all your data from all platforms using Spideroak. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. You do not need to pay for multiple online backup accounts. Spideroak can manage all your data together.
  5. Spideroak stores all older versions of your files with a date stamp in case you want to refer to any of them in future. The files that you delete are stored in the Recycle Bin so that you can recover them if required.
  6. Spideroak ensures total privacy to its users. even Spideroak workers can’t access to your data without your permission.
  7. Spideroak’s efficient online backup methodologies protect your data even if your connection goes wrong or there is a power failure.
  8. There is continuous monitoring which verifies any possible malfunctions that may result in accidental loss of data.

Spideroak is a great software for effective online backup of your data. It is provides perfect all round solution for online data backup maintenance and sharing of data. It guarantees 100% user satisfaction.

Download : https://spideroak.com/


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