Word Wrapper-Hard Carriage Return Remover

Word Wrapper is a simple yet useful application to remove the manual labor of putting carriage returns and formats the text. This application intelligently puts line feed or carriage returns by word wrapping. This helps in formatting the downloaded or non-formatted texts without any painstaking.

Word Wrapper replaces the carriage returns or line feed using space to help the word processor to format or reformat the text. The carriage returns can be kept where it is needed. The application works on any text file and is quite easy to use. The user can easily use this application by dragging the text files and dropping them into this application.

The application easily identifies paragraphs and puts carriage returns where the user wants and removes those which are not identified by the application. It identifies paragraphs in three ways. Firstly, it checks for more than a single carriage return. Secondly, it checks for single carriage return that is followed by a particular number of spaces applied. Thirdly, a line that is comparatively shorter than the length specified by the users. Word Wrapper can also work as a stand-alone application.

Features of Word Wrapper

  1. Intelligently removes line feeds and carriage returns- Word Wrapper helps in removing the line feeds and hard carriage returns intelligently.
  2. Keeps the carriage returns the user wants- The application keeps those carriage returns which are needed for the text and the user wants to keep.
  3. Replaces tabs using spaces- The application has an option that replaces tabs with spaces in the text.
  4. Removes double or repeated spacing- word Wrapper removes non-uniform spaces and removes double or repeated spacing in the text.
  5. Easy to unwrap texts- The user can easily click on the unwrap button and can unwrap text by putting carriage returns and line feeds at the last part of the text lines.
  6. Remove spaces at the beginning- The application can also eliminate spaces at he start of lines.
  7. Native Cocoa application- Word Wrapper is a native Cocoa application, which supports OS X 10.4 and higher version.
  8. Universal binary application- It is also has a Universal binary that natively runs on Intel Macs and Power PC.
  9. Recognizes paragraphs easily- The application recognizes paragraphs easily using custom signs & symptoms and works accordingly.
  10. Can be used as an efficient editing tool- The application can be used easily as an efficient editing tool for non-formatted texts
  11. Compatible with any text file- The user can use Word Wrapper to Word Wrap any text file imported in any format.
  12. Runs in demo mode with full features- Word Wrapper can run in demo mode till its activation with complete features. The limitation is only that it can word wrap 500 characters long text.

The application Word Wrapper is a very useful tool to remove hard carriage returns and line feeds by simply putting tabs and spaces in the places they are ought to be. The tool can be used to edit a text file that lacks line feeds and carriage returns.

Download : WordWrapper


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