Zoho Creator – Online database software to build web based custom database applications

Zoho Creator has a feature-rich and intuitive Platform as a Service (PaaS) system to build your custom database applications.

You are only required to write your desired set of business rules and then leave it upon the shoulders of the software to host and handle deployment.


User can use their own tables as well as forms to create database application also easy to import data from any standard formats (.csv, .xls, .mdb) to build your database application online within minutes.

it offer 20 different types of Field and data such as Text Field – Single Line, Multiline. Checkboxes, Radio Button and more where user can easily add Images, Notes and also Upload files to the form/table.

Zoho Creator give you Six different types of ways to view the collected data, which includes summary view, list view, calendar view, spreadsheet view, HTML and chart view.

Custom validations as well as the custom actions are automatically included in the Zoho Creator. The database application of the Zoho Creator can be modified by you depending upon the type of needs of yours.

A rich set of color themes are provided by Zoho Creator for databases of yours, and by this you can also develop certain customized views by a powerful combination of Deluge script and HTML code.

Private access is possible here and it can be also published in the internet as well and also the options for dynamic sharing are also enabled here.

Several other features include the mobile access, data option exportation and a community that is very active.

Features of Zoho Creator

  1. HTML Form Builder – HTML Form Builder of Zoho Creator enables you to develop tables as well as forms quickly and easily. The specific fields that you require are only needed to be drag and drop it by you. There is no limitation on the number of tables as well as forms that you can create. For developing the tables and forms you are not required to have any prior programming skills.
  2. Script Builder – Data Enriched Language or Deluge is created for the Universal Grid Environment and it is nothing but a scripting language provided online and has been integrated with Zoho Creator. Through the use of this one business rules can be easily added and custom workflows can be easily created that are important for your business processes. For adding triggers and actions an easy method of drag and drop is provided by the Zoho Creator.
  3. Custom Validations – Various types of validations are supported by the Zoho Creator that includes: On Edit, On Add, On Delete.
  4. Stateless Forms – Whenever a form is created using the Zoho Creator table for storing data is automatically generated at the back-end. The only exception is the Stateless Form Zoho Creator which certainly does not create any tables for storing data at the backend. But rather than that custom buttons can be added and action scripts can be easily written for "on clicking" a button for doing any sort of actions. The basic uses are: Multiple form creation for updating data in a single table, Display and Fetch information from any other forms, also the execution of the send mail.

Thus, Zoho Creator is really a very effective tool for creating tables and forms and due to all of its features it is richly used all over.

Download : Zoho Creator


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