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Pinboard is a low-noise site for bookmarking. If you are a regular Internet user you will want to organize important things that you find on the Internet. Pinboard is a swift and dependable way to bookmark your findings on the Internet. Its speed is commendable compared to other bookmarking sites. So if speed is what you are looking for you should switch over to Pinboard. it’s an basic software that gets you work done efficiently.

Speed is Pinboard’s prime highlight. It has an uncomplicated user interface. It is safe when you never want link spam to crop up. You can download bookmarks to view later when you are offline. Your bookmarks have a detailed description including block quote and hyperlinks. You links are made longer by default. Pinboard allows you to keep more than one tab open. You can directly bookmark your favorite pages from Twitter. If you are heavily into tweeting Pinboard is for you.

It lets you save your tweets in an archive. Pinboard supports usage of Instapaper, Google Reader and Read it later. You can straightaway bookmark while you read from these applications. Pinboard lets you send your bookmarks via email from your Blackberry or iPhone smartphones. Pinboard respects your privacy and allows you to tag certain things as private which is only for your personal viewing. It lets you bookmark geographical sites. Pinboard Costs around $10. You can also opt for the premium version which costs around $25 if you want certain added features.

Features of Pinboard

Pinboard comes with a wide array of exclusive features that make bookmarking simple and quick.

  1. You can set your bookmarks as private by default if you wish to.
  2. If you want to make only certain objects private you can mark those with a tag.
  3. You can use the lightweight status for bookmarks you want to refer to later. This status is called the “To Read” status.
  4. You can easily keep track of your favorites using its simple, Gmail-like interface.
  5. Tag intersections are an essential feature of Pinboard.
  6. Automatic expansion of URLs is supported by Pinboard.
  7. You can also automatically bookmark your favorites from your Twitter account, Google Reader etc..
  8. You can randomly bookmark snippets of text.
  9. You can group bookmarks according to dates and sort them according to the date on which you edited them.
  10. You can keep aside your Twitter stream by specially archiving it.
  11. It also gives you the option of editing all your bookmarks together using the feature of bulk-editing.
  12. The premium version that costs $25 has the following added features-
    • You are given a customise copy of every bookmark you are interested in.
    • Dead linking and error recognition are possible in this version.
    • You can search your bookmarks using full texts.

Pinboard is the swiftest bookmarking site. It has revamped the way bookmarking is done. It is becoming the most sought after bookmarking site. It guarantees 100% satisfaction from the user.

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