Specifyapp – online interior design software

Specifyapp is an interior design software. It acts as an online working space for your interior designing firm. You can work with your clients online through Specifyapp. It is a simple and handy software. It saves your time and lets you concentrate on your designs.

Specifyapp - online interior design software

Specifyapp lets you convert your ideas into proposals, specifications, bids and orders. You can make your decisions online instantly. You can access Specifyapp for free for a period of 30 days with just a simple sign up. You can choose your plan later. There are four different plans. Prices for each package increase with more facilities. Prices vary between $29 and $699 a month. The number of users and specs limitations increases with a dearer package.

These packages have some common features like-

  • Unlimited Read-only guest users
  • Bidding and accounting
  • Cut sheets and proposals
  • Chats and notifications
  • File and image storage
  • Contact management
  • Data export
  • Google Document integration
  • SSL encryptions and data backups

You can also run Specify without your web browser. You just have to download and install Specify Mac OS Application. This gives you a couple of added facilities like power users including Growl notifications and a dock icon indicator. The developer API allows you to integrate all the features of Specify into your own applications. Specify uses a REST interface.

Features of Specifyapp

Specifyapp lets you perform basically three functions-

  1. Clip products from any site
    • The Clipper lets you bookmark item descriptions, images and pricing of a project at one go. The Specify tool works on any site.
    • You can Invite other people and share your project online. You can collaborate with an external designer on a project.
    • You can make proposals online with pre-designed templates. You can convert your ideas and discussions into tailored proposals in minutes.
  2. Stay organized
    • You can write interior design specifications, view or edit, convert metric measurements and save your notes for future use.
    • You can save unlimited design images, shop drawings and other files with your interior design specifications for easy reference. You do not need to worry about extra storage fees.
    • You can maintain a single address book for vendors, client or other interior designers. In SpecifyApp contacts are added or updated automatically as you keep writing specs and sending out bids.
  3. Enjoy the business side
    • You can manage bids effortlessly. You can easily send out bid invitations. Vendors can log in and view the exact design specifications that you have created and respond if they like your designs.
    • You can turn your furniture and other interior design specifications into orders with just few mouse clicks. You need to save them as PDFs for getting easy printouts or send them via email from within Specify.
    • Using SpecifyApp you can keep track of invoices from vendors and send them directly to your clients. You can also manage purchases without much effort.

SpecifyAPP is a great software for all busy interior designers. It manages your business perfectly and guarantees 100% user satisfaction.

Download : http://www.specifyapp.com/


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