DocsInOffice – Integrate the Google Docs into MS Office

DocsInOffice is a software which helps to assimilate all data distributed in the net into your desktop applications. DocsInOffice brings to you the ideal solution for instant office integration. Its easy to handle options gives you desired results without much effort. Many desktop applications have different protocols to directly work on files available on different servers. DocsInOffice has been designed to allow compact implementation of these protocols so that you can easily incorporate their explicit user experience directly into MS Office. The simplicity of use is the main reason for its growing popularity.


DocsInOffice does not bring with it the hassles of installing new software’s on your machine. It does not require any additional Software installed on your computer. You just need a standard installation of Microsoft® Office. Thus it does not affect your system speed or affect your hardware space.

DocsInOffice is economical which makes it a luring buy. So even if you are low on budget you can still implement this software on your system. All you need to avail the unique features of DocsInOffice is a account. Once you have created your account you have to connect your account to Google docs. Now the exclusive user experience is ready in the File Open dialog. The software has no complicated instructions. The ease of handling is praiseworthy. The look on your system depends on the version of MS Office you use and your Operating System. The newer the version of Microsoft Office and the latest your operating system the look is more attractive. The official website of DocsInOffice maintains an active support system to assist you if you encounter any difficulties in handling DocsInOffice.

Features of DocsInOffice

  1. Easy of Maintenance : DocsInOffice does not come with additional plug-ins or add-ons. This eliminates a serious nuisance. It also need not be installed in your computer. Thus it does not slow down your machine.
  2. Easy of Operation : DocsInOffice offers a variety of possibilities in operation.
    • You can browse your Google Docs directly from inside the File Open dialog.
    • You can perform complex searches. They are not time-consuming and display result in seconds.
    • You can directly open Google Doc. DocsInOffice also allows you to edit your Google Doc. You just need to double click a document and DocsInOffice converts & automatically downloads it in the background.
    • You will have to save the changes you make. You can do it just by hitting the ‘save’ option. DocsInOffice immediately uploads & convert your documents back into the cloud.

DocsInOffice is a simple software that lets you organize your work. You can save a lot of time and effort if you use the integration abilities of this software. It will not puzzle you with complicated sets of instructions. You will not have to go through time-consuming installation procedure if you choose to opt for DocsInOffice software. This software gets your job done perfectly. It is sure to leave you satisfied.

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