Bloove – Online mobile phone management system

Bloove is the easiest way to use a web-based mobile phone managing system. With the help of Bloove you can not only edit your contacts and send messages (SMS) but can also work with your bookmarks that too using your very own favorite browsers. You can also restore your data and create back-up files. Along with these features you can copy your SMS messages as well as the contacts which you might have stored in your different mobile phones.


The best part about Bloove is that it works on over 300 J2ME, Android, Windows Mobile, UIQ, Symbian S60 phones which include names like Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. One can avail the basic features of Bloove for free and that too forever.

Features of Bloove

  1. Bloove provides you with an opportunity of storing all your data, including your messages, contacts, phone logs and bookmarks, with the website itself. This feature also helps you in restoring your data if you have lost it, either on the same mobile phone or even on any other handset which you have started using. The restoration process can either be initiated through the website or even from your cell phone itself.
  2. Bloove offers you the feature of auto synchronization. All your data, including your messages, contacts, phone logs and bookmarks, can automatically be synchronized at any specified time and that too at any given time interval, irrespective of the hour or day.
  3. Bloove offers an easier way of adding, deleting or editing your contacts on your cell phone. It not just supports the changing of attributes or custom labels but also supports multiple field instances along with setting of default values and even contact pictures.
  4. Editing of contacts on your SIM can be done in a similar fashion. And also your SIM contacts can be copied to your cell phone and even vice versa.
  5. You can create, delete or edit folders for storing your messages according to your own personal needs.
  6. Even your deleted messages are stored in the Archives. Only Archived messages are stored in the server even after they are deleted from the cell phone. Only if you use the option of ‘Delete Forever’ your messages will be deleted permanently from both your cell phone as well as the site.
  7. You can send Flash messages and even make Voice calls using a headset while using the site. These facilities are even available in your cell phone.
  8. You can store your phone logs as well as speed dials through Bloove.
  9. There is an option of taking screen shots of your cell phone which are displayed on the phone’s properties page.
  10. Through the use of POP3 you can export your messages into any of your Mail client (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and others).

Pros and Cons of Bloove

Pros :

  1. Easy way of restoring all your data from your phone.
  2. Supports Flash Messages.
  3. Is web-based and thus can be accessed any time of the day.
  4. Bloove can be automatically synchronized according to your preferred schedule.
  5. Some features of Bloove can be used for free and that too forever.
  6. Easy installation process.
  7. Supports Google contacts.
  8. Supports a number of mobile phones making it easily accessible for you even when you are on the move.
  9. Safe and secure way for managing your mobile.


  1. Bloove still is developing and has many features lacking.

Bloove, being an online phone management service, has been very useful and has led to a tremendous technological advancement.

Download : Bloove – online mobile phone management system


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