Tilen – image tiler for developers

Tilen is an image tiler tool that allows the users to break big images into small tiles and also helps in creating thumbnails from digital images. The image-breaking feature helps displaying as well as processing the images in the computers.

Tilen image tiler

Tilen powered by NasoLab is an easy to use image tiler tool for developer that breaks the big images into small tiles so that the computer can easily process the image and can display it without any obstruction. These tiles can be saved in the format you want.

It also help you in creating thumbnail images from a digital picture. Added to that, the application is user-friendly and easy to handle. The users can simply select an image, set the format, width and height and the tiled image is ready. You can also tag a particular formatting (including defined height & width) and can access it to apply in your image that is to be processed.

The users can then save this image in JPEG, BMP, SGI, PSD or PNG formats in their respective folders. The users can even edit them according to their choice and reformat them as well later. The application is easy to install and is ideal for the graphic designers, web programmers and professional developers who work on image processing. The application is compatible with MAC OS X or its higher version and installs with Apple Quick Time.

Features of Tilen – image tiler tool

  1. Helps in Image breaking- The application is an image utility tool that helps in breaking big images into small tiles.
  2. Fast and powerful- Tilen is smart, fast and powerful tool to process the images and the compression and processing takes few minutes only.
  3. Easy to work on- The application is easy to work on, as it works on a single click operation.
  4. Can save processed files in any format- The compressed and processed files can be saved in any image format, i.e., in SGI, PNG, PSD, JPEG, BMP, etc. so that the user can view it in any device.
  5. Helps in creating thumbnails- The application helps in creating thumbnail images from the digital ones.
  6. Can easily handle multiple image file processing- The application can handle multiple file processing at one go.
  7. Customize and define the image form- The users can select an image and customize its height and width and format it according to his/her need.
  8. Tag your formats- Users can define the height, width and format and can tag them accordingly. Those tagged stuffs can be accessed later to process the images.
  9. Edit the tiled and compressed images- The user gets a full freedom to edit their tiled and compressed images in Tilen.
  10. Helps in processing and displaying by the computer- The image formatting helps in processing and displaying it on computer.
  11. Saves space- The image utility application, Tilen, also helps in saving the memory and space of computer.
  12. Freeware- The application is a freeware and the users can download it in their MAC OS X or higher version to use it.

Tilen for Mac is a wonderful and powerful image utility application that compresses the images and creates thumbnails from digital photographs. However, it is not compatible with platforms other than MAC OS X or Windows 2000 (or higher version), which hinders its way of expanding globally.

Download : Tilen image tiler for developers


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