SayABit- Links based file storage and URL shortener

SayABit is an easy to use online URL shortening application and by using this application, the users can shorten their URLs. Added to that, the application also allows the users to store videos, images and files in their shortened URLs. The users can easily post these shortened links to their e-mail addresses or social networking sites. Unlike other URL shortening applications, it provides analytics of the shortened URLs.

Sayabit URL shortener

With a simple design and layout, the application is user friendly and easy to navigate. The ‘My Explorer’ button is used to view the files that are stored in SayABit application and a tab for the social networking site-Twitter, from where the user can keep a track of his/her activity by viewing them via Twitter.

The user can easily shorten his/her URL using this tool and an easy registration procedure can help the users to store files, videos and images too. The user can also post or share the shortened URLs easily from your social networking site instantly. Moreover, it provides full analytics regarding the files of shortened URLs stored in SayABit. The user also gets a personalized or customized URL like

Features of SayABit

  1. Shortens URLs easily even without registration – Non-registered users can easily use the URL shortening application to shorten their URLs using SayABit application.
  2. Can be used for file sharing and storing – The registered users can use the application for storing and sharing their files.
  3. Twitter support – The application is integrated with twitter so that to provide the users a quick access to web.
  4. Free storage of files – The application provides the user free and unlimited storage space where the user can keep their images, videos and files.
  5. Password-protected links – The shortened URLs or links provided by the application are password protected and are guarantee the privacy of the user/file owner.
  6. Control your files – The user can control and modify his/her file stored in the application site and can easily control them too.
  7. Provides full analytics – The application provides full analytics of your stored file as well as of the URLs that are shortened.
  8. Share using social networking sites – This application is very useful for sharing URLs in social networking sites and via e-mail.
  9. Peep into the timeline – Peep into and access the stored files of the site and into its historical performances.
  10. Filter your stored files – You can easily filter your stored files by organizing them according to your preference.
  11. Get informed about the viewers of your URLs and links – The user can gather information easily on the viewership details, as where and when his/her posted link or URL is viewed.
  12. Get a personalized and customized URL – Using SayABit, one can get a fully personalized and customized URL in the type of

The application is a unique and one of its kind where the user gets the freedom to trim their lengthy URLs and post them in their social networking site. The application also provides the analytics of the saved files of shortened URLs that makes the application ahead of competition from its contemporaries.

Download : Sayabit URL shortener


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