9 Best Comic Book Reader for Windows 8

It is hard to find anyone who does not love comic books. They have the incompetent power of taking you into their own world of fun and zeal.

Ever since comic books came into existence, they have proved to be a huge hit among the masses. Gone are the days when you had to carry your comic books everywhere with you.

There are many innovative readers that help you to read comic books while on the go. So, here are the best Comic Book Reader apps for Windows 8 that will give you the same reading experience on your Windows 8 PCs as well as smartphones.

Comic Book Reader

Comic Book Reader App

Comic Book Reader app for windows 8 gives you class-A reading experience for all your digital comic books. It has the power to display comic books digitally without any flaw.

It is very fast and the installation of your favorite books takes place within just a few seconds. It supports both CBZ and CBR book formats.

There is no longer the need to browse through your comic as it imports everything present on your list. You can also organize your comic books based on their publisher and your reading preferences.

You can also bookmark the pages that you have read and continue later from where you left. Other exclusive features of this app are zooming and deleting unwanted pages.  – Comic Book Reader

Features :

  1. Lightning fast, tested with up to 500 comic files and still loads within seconds
  2. Import entire folder at once, no more browsing to those comic books manually
  3. Easy to organize all you comic by Series and/or Publisher
  4. Keeps track of the pages you have already read and allowed you to continue reading
  5. Preview pages and quickly jump to a specific page
  6. Easy to delete pages you don’t want to see any more
  7. Double-tap to zoom pages for the ultimate reading experience

POW! Comic Book Reader

POW! Comic Book Reader Apps

The POW! Comic Book reader app allows you to browse through all your local comic books and select the ones that you want to read at any moment of time.

You can now read your favorite comic books using a very user- friendly interface. This app also allows you to manage a list of the latest comic books in the market.

Not only this, but you can also maintain a list of books based on your preference and favorite authors. Reading experience offered by this app is outstanding due to the facility to read from a page and on a fullscreen.

File formats supported by POW! Comic Book Reader app are CBZ, CBR, ZIP, and RAR. – POW! Comic Book Reader


Comics - Comic Book Reader for Windows 8

The Comics comic book reader app gives you access to the greatest library of recently released books.

It offers a collection of over 30, 000 comic books as well as graphic novels, including Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dynamite, and BOOM! Studios from over 75 of the top book publishers today in the world.

All you need to do is purchase this app and you are done for a lifetime. Downloading comic books comes easy with this app is you can download comic books while checking the stores or even while reading a book.

Created by ComiXology, this app also allows you to read a book panel by panel or in the classical and full pageview. You can also synchronize your ComiXology account across other Windows 8 powered devices. – Comics for windows 8

CBR Reader

CBR Reader Apps - Best Comic Book Reader for Windows 8

As you know, CBR is a very popular and widely used comic book archive format in the market.

The CBR Reader app is free of cost and it allows you to open comic book files instantly without the need to wait for the installation process. Apart from CBR, there are other file formats supported by this app.

Some of these formats are CBZ, CB7, CBT as well as CBA. Moreover, this app allows you to convert your favorite comic books into other image formats. It also supports jpeg/ jpg, gif, png, and BMP image formats. – CBR Reader

Komic Reader

Komic Comic Book Reader Apps

Komic Reader is a comic book reader app for windows 8 that offers a user- friendly and clean interface to the users. It supports a number of file formats such as CBR, CBZ, CBT, and CB7.

This app also provides supports for both small and large-sized comic books. Some of the new features offered by this app are zoom in and zoom out, Scroll Page View mode, and page-flipping.

Apart from this, it also offers a PDF viewing style for reading your favorite comic books. For zooming in and out, all you need to do is pinch the screen.

To move pages both forward and backward, you have to double-tap on either the right or left corners of the screen. You can also apply the image effect to your comic books. – Komic Reader

Modern Comix

ModernComix - Comic Book Reader

Modern Comix allows you to build your own comic book library on your Windows 8 devices. It comes with the facility to create folders for separate series.

File formats supported by the Modern Comix app are CBZ and CBR. It makes the comic books to zoom in and out automatically in order to fit your screen.

You can also turn into the double-page view while using your widescreen devices for reading purposes. It remembers where you left reading and will redirect you to the same page later on.

Thumbnails are automatically added to comic books that you have read. – ModernComix


Comix Comic Book

This app allows you to read books directly from their publishers. A large variety of file formats supported by this app are CBZ, CBR, CB7, ZIP, 7Z, and RAR.

It also supports unlimited subfolders and allows you to switch the view between your folders and books. You can now browse your book by their cover with the help of the new Library Mode.

It supports Keyboard, Mouse ad Touch modes of reading. This app supports landscape, portrait, and snapped views and also allows you to minimize, maximize, zoom in, and rotate the pages to fit your screen. – Comix

NOOK- Books, Magazines, Newspapers

NOOK Comic Book Reader

With NOOK comics book reader app, you can choose from 3 million comic books, including 1 million completely free books, newspapers as well as magazines.

What is more exciting is that it now supports Windows 8.1 OS as well. You can now explore the best of romance, fiction, sci-fi, action, and mystery books.

It allows you to import PDF and ePub files. You can add notes to your books and highlight specific pages or lines with distinct colors. – NOOK

Quick Comics

Quick Comics

Supporting a wide variety of file formats such as CBR, CBZ, ZIP, and RAR, this app is easy to use and also organizes your comic books in a series.

There are special indicators in this app that indicates which comics you have already read and which you are reading right now. There also exists a page indicator which shows the page that you are on.

You can also reorder your comic books whenever you want to. Apart from this, multiple views are supported by this app, such as 1 page, 2 pages as well as full screen.  – Quick Comics


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