Top 10 eBook reading apps for iPhone

Written by On Aug 12, 2013

The best iPhone ebook reading apps have a collection of modern and classic ebooks, offer lots of customizable features, and a well-designed user interface to enhance your reading experience. Here is a Top 10 eBook reading apps for iPhone.

The best iPhone ebook reading apps have a collection of modern and classic ebooks, offer lots of customizable features, and a well-designed user interface to enhance your reading experience. Here is a Top 10 eBook reading apps for iPhone.

Top 10 eBook reading apps for iPhone

  1. NOOK eBook reading apps

    No other reading apps can provide such incredible reading experience that NOOK eBook reading app provide you for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This is no doubt one of the best user interface offer for reading books on your iPhone. You will have access to millions of books, and out of which one million titles are completely free of cost. Apart from books, you can also read magazines, journals, newspapers as well as comics using the Nook eBook reading app. What else? You can have sample NOOK books, magazines as well as newspapers completely free for the first 14 days. – NOOK

    Feature :-

    1. Massive selection of over 3 million books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and kids books
    2. Free Sample Nook e-books
    3. Choose from over 1,000 magazines and newspapers
    4. Adjustable font sizes and styles, line spacing, margins, and screen brightness for more comfortable reading.
    5. Syncs your last page, bookmarks, and notes with other device so you can pick up where you left off.
    6. Search inside the book and look up words with the downloadable in-app dictionary.
    7. Easy to add notes, bookmarks and highlights as you read.
    8. Customizable background and text colors
    9. Easy to read books on both mode (portrait or landscape)
    10. Easy to save them into EPUB and PDF files.
    11. Multilingual
  2. Kobo Books

    With Kobo Books app, Now it is possible to read your favorite books and other stuff at anytime from anywhere on your iPhone. All you need to do is visit the online Kobo store and you will have access to more than 3.2 million free and affordable titles belonging to every author as well as genre. Apart from this, all the books that you read will directly get synchronized with your app. You can pick up books from where you left them last time; create bookmarks as well as highlights them with this app, so you can keep reading across all your devices. – Kobo Books

    Features :-

    1. Pick up right where you left off. sync your bookmarks, notes, and highlights with other devices
    2. Customize your reading experience.
    3. Night Mode for easier nighttime reading and lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode to read how you like.
    4. Experience the rich, colorful environment of Kobo magazines, cookbooks, children’s books, and comics.
    5. Share ideas with Kobo Pulse
    6. Add books to your Library from email, the web, or your Dropbox account.
    7. Easy to Post your activities to Facebook
    8. Multilingual
  3. iBooks for iPhone

    iBooks is an amazing way to download and read eBooks . Now there is no longer need to wait for your books to reach the local market. This app includes the iBook store. Here you can download the most recently released books to the classics ones. Simply tap on the screen of your device to open a book, swap or tap on the screen to flip pages. You can create bookmarks as well as make notes for passages which left an impact on you. – iBooks

  4. eBook Mobi – eBook reading apps for iPhone

    Here is an app that is not only designed for book lovers; rather it is appropriate for comic readers, book lovers and for downloading all this stuff. Yes, you can now download tons of free eBooks using this app. with dictionary inside for you to studies languages. eBook Mobi provide supports for number of formats also. Above all, you can synchronize your books from your iPhone to your PC. – eBookMobi

    Features :-

    1. Multilingual
    2. Internal Dictionary
    3. Support for many e-book file formats such as .prc, .mobi, .pdb – text only, non-DRM ePub, PDF, CHM,RTF, FB2, Comics, Manga and MS Office file formats
    4. sync eBook files to eBookMobi from various devices
    5. Easy to download lots of free eBook from internal Web Browser 
    6. Privacy Password
    7. Online Translation
    8. Simple yet Beautiful Page Layout
    9. Easy to Search Books
    10. Adjustable font size and background color when reading books
    11. Adjustable Brightness
  5. Bluefire Reader

    Bluefire Reader is the ultimate choice for gaining access to protected eBooks from Adobe Content Server on your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch. All the libraries, publishers as well as book retailers are just a few taps away while using this incredible app. You can also read books in PDF as well as ePub formats. You can create bookmarks, highlight text as well as share excerpts on social networking websites by using Bluefire Reader app. – Bluefire Reader

  6. Kindle eBook reading apps

    With this apps, You will be able to read Kindle books, magazines, journals, PDF files using this simple yet high end reading user interface. This app gives you access to millions of books available in the Kindle store. You can also automatically syncs your last read pages, bookmarks, highlights as well as excerpts across multiple devices by using Amazon Whispersync, so you can continue reading your books that you left on some other device. – Kindle


    1. Accessibility features make it easier for blind and visually impaired customers to navigate their Kindle libraries, read & interact with books
    2. Simply tap on either side of the screen or swipe to turn pages.
    3. Search inside the book to find a character, topic or section you want to revisit.
    4. Instant dictionary word lookup
    5. Customize your reading experience by choosing the margin size, background color, font size, and either portrait or landscape mode.
    6. Get free book samples
    7. E-mail PDFs & other documents to your new Send-to-Kindle e-mail address
  7. Google Play Books for iPhone

    With Google Play Books App, user can read millions of e-books from the Google Play market on your iPhone. You can personalize your reading experience by taking your favorite books with you while on the go. You can also shop for your favorite books on the Google Play store. Apart from those mentioned earlier, you can also change fonts, search about a book as well as look for information within the book. – Google Play Books

    Features :-

    1. Night-reading mode
    2. Easy to Read books offline
    3. Voice Over support
    4. Easy to Manage your library (archive books after reading)
    5. Millions of free books available instantly
    6. Get Free preview pages
    7. Unlimited storage of books in the digital cloud
    8. Automatic page position syncing across devices – pick up reading where you left off.
  8. Good Reads for iPhone

    Good Reads has been ranked as the world’s best iPhone eBook reading apps for book lovers to share as well as largest site for sharing as well as reading books. Book recommendations are also available in this app. using this app; millions of people all around the world have stocked their shelves with their favorite books. Now you will be able to keep track of all the books that you have read till date and can also review them from time to time. Apart from this, you can also organize your shelves by updating your reading history. – Goodreads

  9. EBook Search Pro

    In case you are an avid book reader and wish for an endless supply of your favorite books, this is the right app for you. For people who want to stock up their devices such as iBooks, kindle as well as Nook with books, this app comes to be most handy. The Pro version of this app allows you to access all the books in the eBook search category. Once you install EBook Search Pro, you will have access to thousands of different books in the times to come. – eBook Search Pro

  10. iReadItNow for iPhone

    Not every book that you read can become your favorite. Some books are just read for time pass while some others can bring a drastic change in our lives. In any case, there are only a few things that you can remember about all the books that you read. It may be some characters, dialogues, places, phrases and so on. With time, these little things also fade away from our memory. This is where this app comes into play. You can now keep a track of all the books that you have read. It bookmarks the stuff that you are currently reading as well. – iReaditNow

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