Sep 4, 2013
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9 Best Comic Book Reader apps for iPhone

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9 Best Comic Book Reader apps for iPhone. Comic is one thing that people belonging to all age groups enjoy. Often it is seen that people carry their favorite comic books with them while travelling.


Comic is one thing that people belonging to all age groups enjoy. Often it is seen that people carry their favorite comic books with them while travelling.

Ever thought about carrying your favorite set of comics in your iOS device? Rendering to the growing craze of comics, now there are customized apps for your iPhone, which enables you to carry your comics while on the go.

There is no longer the need to carry separate comic books. Today we are introducing the 9 best Comic Reader apps for your iPhone.

9 Best Comic Book Reader apps for iPhone

  1. Comic Zeal

    Comic Zeal is the first app to be introduced in this category. Now it is possible to carry your comic library with you wherever you want. Your smartphone is the best device for reading digital comic books. But nothing is comparable to reading comics on your iPad. A larger screen display and great graphics is surely a treat for you. Comic Zeal organizes your comic library and yes, there is no need to go through the whole library for reaching your desired comic. You can also create reading lists, giving preference to your favorite comics. This app allows you to insert dividers into your library for arranging your list. – Comic Zeal Comic Reader

  2. Cloud Readers

    Cloud Reader is free comic, movie as well as book viewer. It supports all iOS devices such as iPad, iPod touch as well as iPhone. Currently Cloud readers provide support for  PDF, MP3, RAR, MOV, MP4 and many others file formats . An additional feature of this reader app is that it allows reading both the eastern as well as the western way i.e. it is now possible to read from left to right as well as from right to left. Apart from all this, a Cloud Reader shelf is also there in this app. This shelf allows you to download comics free of cost. – CloudReaders

  3. Side Books

    Now it is possible to get the feel of reading an actual paper comic in your smartphone. The Side Books is a high performance Comic Reader app that displays comic in the PDF format. To give you the actual book reading experience on your iPhone, there are curl simulations added to the standard pages slide function. This gives the effect of actual turning of paper. You can open your documents from left to right, right to left as well as vertically. There is dynamic screen display with high speed zooming facility. – SideBooks

  4. Comic Book Lover

    This is another Comic Reader app that allows you to read your favorite novel, comic and other stuff on your iPhone . This is the premium digital comic reader app for Mac OS X, but looking at its popularity,  now it is also available for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch. In order to get you started, there is a series of free comics available that come with this app. If you an Apple fan, now you can enjoy reading your favorite comic books both on your iPhone as well as on your Mac using the Comic Book Lover app. ComicBookLover lets you take your digital comics with you, giving you the freedom to read and enjoy your favorite stories and characters, any time, any place. – ComicBookLover

  5. Grass Game’s Comic Reader

    Have a great experience reading your CBR, CBZ as well as PDF format comics using the Grass Game’s Comic Reader app. All you need to do is simply upload the comics from your computer using iTunes and you have your world of comics with you wherever you go. All rotations are supported by this app and it efficiently fits on to the screen of your device for optimum reading pleasure. Additionally, 3 free samples of comics are provided with this app. It is a universal app i.e. once purchased; you can use it for both your iPhone as well as iPad devices. – GrassGames’ Comic Reader

  6. Made Fire

    Made Fire app was chosen by Apple as the best app of the year 2012. Made Fire comics reader app provides the most innovative reading experience for all the avid readers out there. It renders the best story telling experience on any device. Comic books available in Made Fire are originals from storytelling legends like Dave Gibbons, Mike Carey, Bill Sienkiewicz as well as Liam Sharp. The good news is that episodes are absolutely free during the initial release period. You can now indulge in a whole new world of characters with 360 degree panoramic view, sound, music as well as motion effects. – Madefire

  7. Comics

    This comic reader app created by ComiXology was the 3rd highest grossing reader app of the year 2012. Comics reader app provides a revolutionary experience of reading graphic comics and novels with their patent pending Guided View technology. Buy this app once and you are free to use it on any digital device platform. The comic library of ComiXology contains more then 30000 books and these includes all the Marvel comics, DC comics, image comics, Disney as well as other related stuff. In addition to all this, it also has digital first titles for all the comics in its stock. – Comics Reader App

  8. ComicBook!

    The ComicBook! reader is a fully featured comic book creation app. Could you imagine starring in your own comic books? Well, this app provides you the opportunity to turn into your favorite comic heroes. It offers realistic comic styling with comic fonts, image filters, and library of graphics as well as customizable captions. Apart from all this, you will get your hands on a dozen of multi- panel page layouts. – ComicBook!

  9. DreamWorks Comics

    DreamWorks Comics is a free Animation Comics app from DreamWorks. It give you all your favorite DreamWorks characters such as Kung Fu Panda, Penguins of Madagascar and Rise of the Guardians among many others together for iPad and iPhone users to enjoy in a simple yet easy to use and beautifully designed comic reader. This app is available for both the iPhone and iPad users. It is very easy to use and uses beautiful and realistic designs for portrait your favorite characters. In the current version of this app, Rise of the Guardians is being featured and it is something not worth missing. Apart from this, this app includes around 50 pages of free comic content which includes previews and stories from your favorite comic/ movie series. – Dreamworks Comics

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