9 Best System Monitoring Tools for Windows

There are a lot of different apps available on the web that help you in checking the performance of your system.

These apps and widgets provide you all the statistics about the hardware resources that come with your system.

Today we are going to share some of the Best System Monitoring Tools for Windows which will help you to monitor the performance of your Windows.

Best System Monitoring Tools for Windows

CPU-Z (CPUID’s) – System and hardware benchmark software

CPU-Z (CPUID's) - Best System Monitoring Tools for Windows

CPU-Z is software which is specially designed for checking the clock and processor information of your system.

Get all the information about the hardware present in your computer. You can get information about the CPU, Memory, Mainboard, and also about Windows and DirectX version.

If you want to customize the widget as per your needs you can do by using CPUID System Information Development Kit, a professional SDK built for the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

CPU-Z supports the functioning of some special keys which act as shortcuts and help you to perform your tasks very easily. – CPU-Z

HWMonitor – hardware monitoring program

HWMonitor - Best System Monitoring Tools for Windows

Keep an eye on the voltage, fan speed, and temperature with the help of HWMonitor. The User interface of the software is very simple to understand and you can easily use the software on your system.

If you want to try the advanced version of HWMonitor software you can try the HWMonitor PRO software which comes with a list of advanced features.

You can not only monitor your own computer but can also remotely monitor computers using a TCP connection. You can check the progress of your system by generating graph logs. – HWMonitor

TechPowerUP GPU-Z – Video card GPU Information Utility

TechPowerUP GPU-Z - Best System Monitoring Tools for Windows

TechPowerUP GPU-Z is a lightweight system monitoring tool specially designed to monitor your video graphics card and gives you all essential information about your graphic card and graphics processor.

All major graphic processors like Intel, ATI, and Nvidia Graphics are compatible with TechPowerUP GPU-Z. Get the detail information about the display adapters and the graphics card you are using in your system.

This software is also compatible with the latest 3D graphics cards. One great feature of TechPowerUP is that you can create backup of BIOS of your graphics card which will prove very beneficial if any problem occurs in the future. – TechPowerUp GPU-Z

Taskbar Meters – System Resource Monitor

Taskbar Meters - Best System Monitoring Tools for Windows

If you are using Windows 7 and want to monitor the performance of various devices on your system you should try Taskbar Meters. It’s a great System Monitoring Tool for people using Windows.

You can check the performance of three applications which are memory, CPU, and Input/output disks utilization. You can monitor all these applications from the taskbar only where your other applications are pinned.

Taskbar Meters comes with Quick Access to the Task Manager which will notify you which applications are slowing the performance of your system.

You can change the refresh time by setting the update frequency and moreover also change the color of the percentages. – Taskbar Meters



If you only want to control the CPU and the RAM usage of your system you should try this app.

This app works in the background and if you bring the cursor of your mouse on the icon of this app on the taskbar you will see the usage of CPU and RAM by your system.

SysTrayMeter is specially designed to have both metrics visible simultaneously in an extremely efficient visual representation. – SysTrayMeter

Moo0 System Monitoring Tools for Windows

Moo0 System Monitor

Moo0 System Monitor is a free app that helps you to check the resources of your computer.

There are 43 different kinds of applications or usages that you can analyze with the help of Moo0 System Monitor. You can check the bad areas of your system which limiting your system performance on each occasion.

Using this software you can know which applications or utilities are making your computer run slow.

You can customize this app by choosing different skins. Moo0 System Monitor app comes with an auto-hide feature which you can activate by pressing Shift Key. – Moo0 SystemMonitor

CrystalDiskMark – Disk benchmark software

CrystalDiskMark - Disk benchmark software

CystalDiskMark is a tiny disk benchmark software for windows. You can check both the reading and writing speed of the hard disk of your system with the help of this software.

You can choose different themes to match the background of your system.

CrystalDiskMark is the best disk benchmark software however most of the people have encountered one problem and that is with Antivirus programs like Avira and Norton.

So the developers of this software suggest stopping real-time scanning before running the app. – CrystalDiskMark

HD Tune – hard disk / SSD utility

HD Tune

HD Tune was launched in the year 2008 and to date there are a lot of revisions done to the original software thus bringing the HD Tune Pro monitoring software.

With the Pro version of this software you get a lot of advanced features like getting the detailed performance stats of block size, the parts of your system where the input/output devices are actively working, display of the hard disk drive, serial number and many more.

If you are not sure about buying this software you can try the 15 days free trial of this software. – HD Tune

Super PI Single-threaded Benchmark

Super PI Single-threaded Benchmark

You might have used Pi in Mathematics but this unit of calculation is also helpful in monitoring the resources of your system.

Super PI is a single-threaded benchmark software that is based on the Gauss Legendre algorithm.

Now most of the applications which come for windows are multi-threaded but Super PI is the best software that you should use with your single-threaded x86 systems.

Get the exact information about the hardware devices installed in your computer by having a look at the hardware information feature.

You can know the motherboard model, speed rate, voltage, etc. of your system.  – Super PI Single-threaded Benchmark


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