iDesk – Diagram editor for iPad

idesk diagram editor for ipad

iDesk is a unique diagram editor for iPad that offer various exclusive features like the cross deleting function or the shape recognition feature that allows your fingers to do all the different paint jobs. The idesk diagram editor for ipad has a modern, fresh web interface with 80% of the total available screen is dedicated for documentation.

The two menu bars present at the top and bottom of the screen offers you with a wide variety of options with the help of which you can edit all your paint jobs. You would also be finding options with the help of which you can access your library, create new documents or send them to trash and even e-mail your created document. The toolbar which is below offers you with the various options that helps you to draw the object. Options like color change, insertion of texts, redo or undo options are offered below.

This application is instinctive, chiefly in two areas which have been mentioned in the first paragraph, i.e. cross deleting and shape recognition. Shape recognition feature lets the application guess by the shape of your drawing what actual shape you are trying to draw and replaces your uneven shaped drawing with a proper shaped figure. The cross-deleting feature allows you to delete any object by just typing “X” over the object. That will be just it, and your undesired object would be deleted spontaneously.

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Features of iDesk for iPad

1. Simple Diagram tool – Draw figures, lines and curves in the vector format. iDesk allows you to paint your imagination and at the same time share it with all your friends and families. With the features of diagram editor, sketch pad or the notebook, all your imaginative skills can be easily papered down with the help of this application.

2. Shape Recognition – Shape recognition feature is one of the coolest feature of the iDesk application. Shape recognition feature lets the application guess by the shape of your drawing what actual shape you are trying to draw and replaces your uneven shaped drawing with a proper shaped figure.

3. Connections – Create graphs and diagrams through connections. You can’t imagine creating graphs or diagrams without providing sufficient data or information. But the unique drawing connections option of the iDesk has made it ever so easy. All you have to do is simply drag your selected shape to the next shape to create your connection diagram. iDesk will automatically point an arrow in the direction in which you need to draw your connection. You can remove the arrow just by simply tapping on it. You can also thicken your line as per your requirement.

4. Spontaneous – The text tool option allows you to add texts in your picture to make it more unique and descriptive. You can also rotate and move your diagram as required and don’t worry as your diagram won’t change its shape of its own. The iDesk is really smart enough to maintain that aspect. If are on with your engineering diagrams and you are tired of drawing the same shapes again and again; iDesk will help you out in this matter. It provides you with the copy diagram option, by the help of which you can copy the repetitive diagrams.

5. Elegant – You can change the shape of your diagrams and also apply different colors on it. Undo and redo options are also provided to rectify any mistakes. You will also have the zoom options and the pan option to work efficiently.

6. Planned and Communal – You can share your creation via email with all your peers and families.

Thus with the various exciting features, the idesk diagram editor for ipad is a must try application.

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Download: iDesk

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