15 Best iOS text editor for DropBox

More and more people are getting into writing these days. Some write with the intention of earning money while some just want to pour out their hearts into words.

Among all these writers, one thing that has been found to be the most common is their need to edit their work.

There are several editing tools available on the internet today. Editing tools and apps for smartphones like iPhone, blackberry as well as Android is also very famous among the writers.

Looking at the significance of an editing app, today I am bringing the 15 best DropBox Text Editors for iPhone and iPad.

Nebulous Notes Lite

Nebulous Notes Lite

Nebulous Notes Lite text editor has been featured three times as the best app for getting things done. it is a very powerful yet easy to use text editor for coders, writers as well as note-takers.

All your notes and texts save to your Dropbox account and easily retrieved anytime from DropBox. DropBox is one of the best file hosting and backup services available today.

A single free account on Dropbox provides 2 GB of storage space. I don’t think there is anything else to ask for. You can open and edit all your texts here.

Apart from this, you can also take print outs online using the Nebulous Notes Lite text editor. – Nebulous Notes Lite

DropText – DropBox Text Editor for iOS

Droptext for iPhone

Drop Text is a first mobile text editor for iOS devices which enabled the users to open, edit, and save their work directly from DropBox.

Using this text editor, you can easily open as well as edit text files from any of your Dropbox account.

it has a simple yet easy to use user interface which makes it easy to create and delete text files and folders from your Dropbox account.

Drop Text text editor also supports features like Text Expander, touch snippet expansion.

However, the main attraction of this app is its cheap price. – Drop text for DropBox

Notesy for DropBox

Notesy text editor for DropBox

This is an incredible note-taking app for your iOS devices which is backed up by the power of DropBox.

it is not just a simple Dropbox file editor that only works when you’re online, it’s an over-the-air syncing note-taking app that you can keep on using even when you don’t have any signal.

Notesy also provides support for accented characters i.e. Japanese, Chinese, British Pound signs, and a lot more. – Notesy for Dropbox

Nocs – Dropbox text editor

Nocs Dropbox text editor

This particular text editor app will definitely make you fall in love with it. Nocs is a simple text editor that is well integrated with Markdown as well as DropBox.

You can access all the files and folders in your DropBox account and flexible sharing can also be done simultaneously while working on your text files.

You can copy and move files from and to your DropBox account smoothly with Nocs.

Apart from this, your files also get auto backup on iCloud. – Nocs text editor for Dropbox

Jot Agent – iOS text editor for DropBox

Jot Agent dropbox editor

This text editor app is so far the quickest and easiest app to put your thoughts into words.

Simply launch the app on to your iOS device and start penning down your ideas with just a simple tap of a button.

There is no need to wait for the app to get installed; you can use it as soon as it is launched on your device.

You can sync your text files and notes directly into your DropBox, SkyDrive, as well as Evernote, accounts with a single click.

It also offers a distraction-free environment while you are working in landscape mode on your iOS devices.

Also, you can quickly refer to your text and make modifications using this app. – JotAgent for DropBox


Textforce Text Editing for Dropbox

This phenomenal text editor app can be used to create efficient and seamless text documents.

You can now create, edit as well as synchronize your text documents between your iOS devices as well as your PC. it gives you complete freedom to work from anywhere and everywhere.

it also offers a set of modern as well as comprehensive tools that will further enhance your writing experience.

With this app, you can also select, move, and sync your documents on the DropBox.

So now it is possible to start your work on your iPad, continue it on your iPhone and finally finish it on your PC. – Textforce

AppWriter US

AppWriter US

The AppWriter text editor has been provided under the Volume Purchase Program.

This is the first-ever text editing app for iPad which offers a whole new world of information for people belonging to all age groups as well as people with reading and writing disabilities.

New and incredible assistive features are the main attraction of this app. These tools and features are closely integrated and consist of context-based word suggestions such as text to speech and vice- versa, OCR, integrated PDF reader as well as special Dyslexie font for people with reading and writing disabilities.

Apart from all this, this app also consists of the word prediction feature. – AppWriter US

Buffer Editor

Buffer Editor for dropbox

Buffer Editor is the ultimate text editor app for your iPhone. It is now possible to write while on the go, especially coders.

You can collaborate with your co-workers with the help of the DropBox integration feature of this app. Also, you can synchronize your code on all the computer systems that are present in your organization.

You can also highlight your syntax using several themes that come with this app. A whole new library of monospaced fonts is also available for coding purposes.

Apart from this, search and replace options are also there in this text editor app. Line wrapping, as well as Bluetooth keyboard support, are some other phenomenal features of this app. – Buffer Editor


Byword text editor

The Byword text editor app was created in order to provide an enjoyable writing experience for iPhone as well as iPad users.

This app uses Markdown for this purpose. You can now synchronize your documents across all your iOS devices such as MAC, iPad as well as your iPhone.

You also have the liberty to access all your documents offline using this incredible app. Search and replace options are all found in this text editor app.

For low light situations, a variety of dark themes have also been provided with this app.

Markdown also supports footnotes, cross-references, and tables to be created for each and every of your document. – Byword


Compositions text editor

Compositions text editor mainly focuses on content creation using its multiplatform, Dropbox enabled text editor app.

it has a minimalist user interface which gives it unique features that no other text editor app has to date.

Using the Snapshot feature, you can freeze your documents in their picture version as well. These snapshots are saved along with the original file and can be synchronized from device to device.

The Automatic Conflict Resolution feature takes care of all the conflicts that may occur in your documents. – Compositions

Daedalus Touch for iPhone

Daedalus Touch dropbox editor

Daedalus Touch text editor app is the next-generation app for all iOS devices. This editor app is a collection of an infinite number of sheets stacked together.

This means that there is no need for any files, folders as well as documents. Now it is possible to interact with digital text both online as well as offline.

You can flip through pages by simply swiping from left to right, reorder stacks as well as drag and drop elements of your document.

Apart from this, tap on the screen to open, pinch to close and selecting multiple pages with just a few taps are some other incredible features of this app. – Daedalus Touch

Draft Pad – iOS Text Editor For DropBox

DraftPad for DropBox

The Draft Pad text editor resembles a simple note pad with the look and feels of a single sheet of paper.

You can use Draft Pad for writing a draft for emailing purposes, tweeting, blogging, and for many other purposes. You can also restore old text from the History column.

This column can be retrieved by tapping on the top left button. Font size can be changed by tapping the top right button.

By tapping the title bar, you can switch counters from words, characters as well as lines. This app is safer as there is no chance of losing any of your saved work. – DraftPad for DropBox

Elements for DropBox

Elements text editor

Elements is a very powerful writing environment for all iOS devices built on Markdown as well as DropBox functionality.

Using elements, You can create, view, edit and share your text and Markdown files on your iPad, iPod touch as well as iPhone devices.

All of your data is stored in a folder on your personal Dropbox account so that it’s accessible from any device you have. – Elements For Dropbox

Plain Text – Text Editor for DropBox

PlainText text editor

Plain Text is an ideal text editor for editing text on your iOS devices like iPad, iPod touch as well as iPhone.

It is very simple and easy to use Text Editor. Plain Text allows you to create and organize your documents in separate folders and you can also synchronize your work with DropBox.com.

This helps in keeping your work organized at all times. Moreover, Plain Text is pretty and uncluttered.

However, it works with plain text formats like documents with .txt extensions only. – PlainText Dropbox text editing

Easy Writer+

Easy Writer

Easy Writer+ is the most user-friendly yet simple text editor app for your iPad.

You can select words, sentences, and paragraphs with quick and hassle-free hand movements.

Additionally, the Spell Aid button takes care of all spelling mistakes and unknown words.

This is one of the smartest text editor apps for your iOS devices. – Easy Writer +


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