AES Password Manager – Enterprise Password Management Solution

AES Password Manager helps protecting important information like credit card numbers, website passwords, PIN-codes etc. It works by storing the items in a safe and password protected database.  If one uses AES Password Manager he/she no longer needs to remember all his/her passwords.

While accessing a password-protected website or an e-mail account, this program automatically chooses and enters the appropriate password from the database, thus simplifying the web-surfing experience to a great extent without compromising any data security.

AES Password Manager offers full-featured multi-user support which includes simultaneous access and privilege management and in this way makes it an ideal solution for corporate users. While accessing the program in a single-user environment unnecessary multi-user features may be turned off to making it convenient and easy to use.

U.S Department of Defense has approved AES-256 encryption that helps AES protect its database. The customer is given cent percent surety that his/her password database would never be negotiated by impostors even provided with millennia of time. A wide range of predefined templates and the facility to insert user-defined fields makes AES Password Manager just right solution for storing any important information and any type of file.

The user can easily save and fill in web forms via the Internet Explorer web browser. If one installs AES Password Manager and any password databases on a removable device, e.g. a flash drive, he/she can access it on any Windows PC! AES Password Manager can automatically generate a new password that is of high-quality whenever the user needs to create one. A high quality password is one that is not possible for others to conjecture. When the user is away from the PC no one will be able to access your passwords or other sensitive information provided the program is properly locked.

Features of AES Password Manager

  1. The password manager uses the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm to encrypt data files. This is the administrative strong encryption algorithm which is used by the U.S. government. It has its foundation on an open crypto algorithm, which has been empirically and mathematically proven to be strong.
  2. Suitable storage and automatic completion of web-forms via the Internet Explorer browser. The Internet Explorer toolbar permits the user to save and complete any web-form with a single click.
  3. The data file produced by AES Password Manager is an SQL database. The user may put this database onto a network file server to make it possible for multiple authorized users to safely access his/her passwords.
  4. The user may also use the mobility feature to guarantee that his/her passwords are always available.
  5. Super-Paste lets the user automatically complete forms (dialogs and web-forms) and does not rely on the browser in use. It works by replicating keyboard presses which is similar to your manually completing the form using the keyboard.
  6. The password is both the central and also the weakest link while saving confidential information. Therefore, choosing an easy to guess password is akin to inviting thieves into your house. The password generator helps the users create a dependable and difficult-to-guess password.

AES Password Manager is an easy way to protect your passwords without having the burden to remember the dozens of them.

Download : AES Password Manager


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