9 Best iPhone Armband for trainers and exercisers

Ever thought about carrying your stuff on your sleeves? Yes, you heard it right. An armband is something that you wear on your sleeves.

With changes times, there has been an increase in the needs of the consumers, and accordingly, there has been an enormous evolution in the market as well.

Now there is armband for mobile users as well. These bands come very helpfully for joggers, exercisers as well as bikers.

They can now carry their phone and all the stuff within wherever they want without any discomfort. Here we are introducing the best 9 armbands for your iPhone.

Belkin iPhone Armband

Belkin Armband

Belkin iPhone Armband is one of the most comfortable as well as ultra-soft armbands made to date.

Its soft texture and material make sure that your phone is safe while you are on the go. It has very easy on & off access with just one-handed fastening system.

This armband is exceptionally lightweight. It has been custom designed so as to adjust smoothly on to your arm. Built with a slim design, this armband puts zero pressure on your arm.

Additionally, this armband comes with a cable capsule which keeps your headphone easy to use and at the same time clean.

It has been made with waterproof material and hence is easy to handle. – Belkin

Adidas miCoach – Best iPhone Armband

Adidas miCoach Armband

miCoach armband from Adidas has been specially designed for trainers as well as exercisers.

It is made with an ultra-lightweight nylon material and hence stays perfectly in place when wrapped around your upper bicep.

In order to keep your iPhone as well as iPod touch close at hand, this armband has been designed with Griffin.

This Griffin design protects your Apple device from the sharp and harmful elements that may come in contact with it.

Exceptionally, there is a sweat-proof touch- through screen cover that protects the touch of your device.

There are specially designed ports for accepting headphones/ headset plugs. – Adidas miCoach Armband

Tune Belt Sport iPhone Armband

Tune Belt Sport Armband

One peculiar feature of Tune Belt Sport armband is that it can be used for smartphones other than iOS devices.

Initially, it was designed for iPhone 4S but it fits all iPhone up to the 4th generation.

Apart from this, a number of other smartphones up to 4.5 inches in length can also be held in this comfortable and lightweight armband.

It is an adjustable armband which expands from 9 inches to 17 inches. An additional extension is also provided for bigger arm sizes.

It offers full navigation control and comes with a protective cover. It helps to protect your device from scratches, dust, and perspiration. – Tune Belt Sport Armband

Sporteer – Best iPhone Armband

Sporteer armband

Sporteer armband voted as one among the best armbands in the market. This is most suitable for people who are rough and tough.

Due to its durability and comfort, it allows athletes to give better performance. Being water and perspiration resistant, this armband can be worn near the waterfall and there will not be any harm to your device.

It is considered to be the most durable and trusted armband so far. Bikers, exercisers, joggers, and every other kind of athlete can choose this brand in order to ensure safety for their smartphones. – Sporteer Armband for Smartphones

Velocity II Sport Armband

VELOCITY II Sport Armband for iphone 5

Velocity II Sport armband from Splash products is specially designed for all the workout freaks out there.

Now it is possible to work out without giving your device work out as well. It is made of Neoprene material, which makes it comfortable enough to wear them during long work out sessions.

This material is sweat- absorbent and hence does not get heavy even after spending a long time in the gym or while running miles of distances.

It is now easy to access your device while working out. The front frame of this armband is made up of light polyurethane material which is water-resistant.

Reinforced stitching in and around the armband gives it proper finish as well as extended durability. – VELOCITY II Sport

SoundKASE – Armband for iPhone


SoundKASE armband from Scosche keeps your smartphone safe and secure while you are working out.

It is very handy while running, jogging, exercising as well as doing any other kind of rigorous physical work.

It is made of neoprene material and hence can be adjusted to small as well as large arm sizes.

Apart from this, there are separate ports or openings for headphones/ headsets. So now it is possible to plug in and enjoy your stuff while on the go.

This armband enables you to carry your world with you without the need for keeping your smartphone device on any hazardous surface while working out.

In addition to this, there is a hook and loop strap that comes with this device. It ensures that your device stays in place during the whole session. – soundKASE Sport

iSleeve 1.0 – Half Sleeve Armband

iSleeve - Half Sleeve iPhone Armband

iSleeve armband is specially designed for your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod. This is a semi sleeve armband made up of Lycra spandex compression material.

Within this cover, an iPhone/ iPod holder is attached. To protect your device from sweat as well as moisture, this armband comes with a water-resistant material attached to inside.

The holder fits devices such as iPhone 3, 3S, 4 as well as 4S. This armband comes in white as well as in black color and also in variable sizes, XS, S, M, and L. – iSleeve Armband

Armpocket – Best iPhone Armband

Armpocket armband

This is one of a kind armband that is eco- friendly (made of bamboo rayon) while also being comfortable and stylish.

It comes with a touch-sensitive window that enables you to have easy access to your device while working out.

There are a number of inner pockets and zippers to access your device. You can also keep your headsets/ headphones safely inside these pockets. – Armpocket armband

Griffin Trainer Armband

Griffin Trainer Armband

This armband is appropriate for those long training sessions. it was specially designed for iPod Nano (7th generation).

A sling ring holds this armband in place, while it is also adjustable up to 19 inches of arm size.

A lightweight window case allows easy access to your device. Water absorbent material keeps this device cool and comfortable. – Griffin Armband


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