Feb 14, 2019
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Pivo – Smart Interactive Pod for Smartphone photography

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Pivo – Smart Interactive Pod for Smartphone photography.


It’s time to sensationalize your smartphone photography in a new way. You may not be a professional photographer, but still you can capture beautiful pictures and videos right on your smartphone. All that you need is Pivo – the smart interactive pod for your smartphone photography.

Pivo - Smart Interactive Pod for Smartphone photography

Unlocking the full potential of smartphone cameras is what Pivo is all about. With Pivo, anyone can create dynamic interactive video, images and gifs in a few taps of the screen. It also comes with a 500 mAh battery capacity that lets it stay charged for 10 hours. Plus you can stream your video live on multiple social media platform at the same time, and take advantage of face tracking and the remote control. So, now it’s time for you to change your daily photography style just with Pivo.

Features :-

  • Face Follow – Have Pivo to follow you around or a specific item you’re explaining. On both front and back cameras.
  • Object Tracking – Want Pivo to follow around an object instead of a face? Go for it. Perfect for showing how things work on camera.
  • Live Multi-platform streaming – Pivo specially partnered with Restream so you can go live on 30+ platforms at the same time, while taking advantage of face tracking and the remote control.
  • Smart Capture – Just snap your fingers or say “cheese” for Pivo to take a picture or start recording.
  • 8 unique shooting Modes –  1. Many Me – Take pictures of yourself all over the place then choose ManyMe to create the illusion of a clone party or army of one, 2. Motion Time lapse  3. Double Take – A meme-ready and super-fun effect. The ol’ look-away-then-back,  4. VS mode – Quickly and easily set up an automated rap-battle-like video angle cuts,  5. 50/50 – 50% still image, 50% animated clip. Essentially a quick and easy cinemograph,  6. Flash –  A motion blur tying together two different events. Time to be a superhero!, Or just play catch with yourself, 7. Tiny Planet – Take spherical images that look like tiny globes that were taken with a much more expensive lens, 8. Perfect Panorama – No more panoramas with missing arms and distorted heads, Pivo gets it right. Plus, now you can be in them too.
  • Plug and Play
  • 8 – 10 hour battery charged by USB
  • Built in tripod
  • Remote Control
  • Auto Focus
  • Choose your tracking position
  • Voice activation
  • Cloud Storage
  • Bubble Level
  • Ultra Portable
  • Easily connect with Bluetooth
  • Pivo also comes with an alternate rotating head which allows any smartphone to not only rotate but tilt angles. An included remote control also gives users greater control with Pivo.
  • Pivo is designed to work seamlessly with both iOS & Android. Not only these but also you can expand your functionalities with add-ons – 360 Product Turntable, Go Pro Mount & Lightbox.

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