Yammer – free Enterprise social network and Microblogging platform

The current pace of growth is very difficult to match up to. It is essential to come up with swift and successful ways to work in a team effectively. This demands apt contact in an associated manner.

Yammer is a free Enterprise social network and Microblogging platform that helps your organisation to maintain connectivity among team workers at any time from any place and also provides all the sufficient information required for amplified productivity.

Yammer free private social network

Hence, Yammer is simple social networking service built up to assimilate company workers for joint effort where they will be provided with accurate data and appropriate work environment.

It also helps speed up your overall work capacity offering accurate data resources and timely communication conveniences.

Yammer is now a widely accepted Enterprise social network that is being used by quite a large number of enterprises.

Yammer is a user friendly and scalable business solution offering employees with the scope to share and unite with co-workers in a personal, protected social system for ventures.

You are equipped to collaborate with your team members and observe their working process, to share views and ideas and also receive relevant feedbacks, develop and edit some content, get notifications from different enterprise appeals.

To create a Yammer enterprise social network you only need to have a business email address. However, if your company is already supported by some network, then you will be involuntarily able to link it while signing up for your company mail id.

Features of Yammer – Free Enterprise Social Network And Microblogging Platform

  1. It enables you to converse, discuss and spontaneously pool resources with your team members rapidly.
  2. You can form and link personal or communal groups using Yammer.
  3. You can use Yammer for departmental collaboration as well.
  4. To have improved control there are special administrative features.
  5. You can use tags to mark contents and important messages within your network to make your content search much easier and get a smooth content.
  6. You can upload your picture and put up your employment experience and contact details so that you can be easily identified among the vast work force of your company.
  7. You can also make up a personal dialog comprising of a single or several team members.
  8. In Yammer you are allowed to build up peripheral networks so that you are able to work with associates placed outside the boundary of your network.
  9. Yammer presents you with a very strong information base and hence you can save and refer to all the conversations and comments with team members and executives for future necessity. These documents are all saved as archive files for your reference.
  10. You will be able to set up your network using a BlackBerry, Android or iPhone irrespective of place and time. There are special download apps available for such cellular services.
  11. Yammer is a well protected Enterprise grade social network which secures your private messages.
  12. It is suggested that you go for I third-party apps installation along with Yammer to enhance the operational skills of your set-up.

Download : Yammer


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