Wunderlist- Task Manager for Mac OS X and Windows

Wunderlist is an open source task management software, which means that it is free and downloadable. Wunderlist was created by a Berlin based company named 6Wunderkinder, formed in August 2010.

With this software, you can store your reminders and lists of your clients and other contacts, with information corresponding to each of them separately.

What’s more is, with Wunderlist, you can use the internet to share information. By just logging in to Wunderlist, you can get an idea of your tasks to be done then.

Wunderlist- free task manager

Wunderlist runs both on Windows and Macintosh, so all users are welcome to try it. Using this software is fairly easy.

All you need to do is create a task in Wunderlist and store the information you want in it and save.

You can set the date on which the task is to be done, and also the time by which it has to be completed.

The best way to manage tasks is to create specific lists in which you can store tasks for particular clients.

Wunderlist allows you to create as many lists as you want, storing your day-to-day tasks, as and when you update them.

A unique feature of Wunderlist is that it lets you share your tasks on the internet, so that your employees are able to have a look at your, and thus, their pending tasks.

It also provides e-mail facilities to share your information. You can set priorities to your tasks, if you decide that one task is more important than another listed on the same day.

If you have difficulties using Wunderlist, it has tutorials going through which you will be expert at it.

Once you saved a task, Wunderlist will save and store it unless you delete it. There is no limit to the number of tasks that can be created and saved.

Features of Wunderlist

  1. Wunderlist is compatible both on computers as well as multimedia mobile phones. So you can use it even when you are not near your laptop.
  2. In Wunderlist, you can share your lists online by just clicking on the “share this list” option. People you want to share it with will get the list on their Wunderlist.
  3. You can even get your lists printed directly from Wunderlist.
  4. Wunderlist has a very unique “cloud app”, with which you can share things you want to share publicly.
  5. While creating or modifying a task, you can add extra notes to it to make your task more specific and comprehensive.
  6. In case you want share your task to a person who doesn’t have Wunderlist, you can send it him through e-mail via Wunderlist.
  7. To sort your tasks in the desired order you want them to be, all you need to do is drag and place them wherever you think they need to be put.
  8. Once you have saved a task, and set a date on or by which it has to be done, you can easily access it from the taskbar which has common dates like “today”, “tomorrow”, “7 days later”, with the corresponding tasks saved under them.

With its online usability, Wunderlist proves to be a very promising task management tool.

Once you login and start using it, Wunderlist will definitely help you organize your tasks more efficiently and thus, save precious time.

Download : Wunderlist task management tool


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