Worketc- does your project management do CRM work

Worketc is a dynamic online project management software. It allows you to administer a variety of applications from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to business projects and billings. Worketc can prove to be very useful for small-scale businesses and eventually help them expand. Its simple and user-friendly tools don’t require you to take prior training to be able to work. Being an online engine, Worketc allows you to work even when your mobile. With its set of versatile tools, Worketc proves to be a "one for all" business tool.


Most project management software’s are limited to CRM. Worketc, on the other hand supports project management and bill maintenance along with CRM. With Worketc, you can follow your customers to either take orders or simply assist them. You can create projects, assign and invite employees to work on it. The creator also gets to set the deadline for the project.

Worketc lets you keep a track of your investments, expenditure and returns with its simple bill management option. Customer queries can be easily received and attended to in Worketc. Separate folders can be created and shared to particular clients, thus ensuring that there is no mix up, or breach of privacy. A client can see only those files or folders to which he has been granted permission by the project creator. Worketc also enables you to discuss project issues with employees, set deadlines, and assign targets as per your requirements. You can be easily aware of where your business is headed, with all project, sales and client information stored right inside Worketc.

Features of Worketc

  1. Worketc provides an elaborate CRM software. Using it, you can keep and manage all information regarding all your clients.
  2. With its built-in project management software, you can create and manage projects in Worketc. Only the employees assigned are granted permission to access and modify the particular project.
  3. You can set deadlines, assign follow-ups and goals, and even set priorities to your projects in Worketc.
  4. Discussions, reminders and comments related to your project issues can be posted via the "Add New" drop box.
  5. Worketc provides "Timesheets" in which you can store and manage all billing data of your business. Separate folders can be created for separate clients.
  6. In case of a monthly or yearly contract with a client, Worketc stores everything related to that particular client under one folder, thus avoiding mix-up. You can also set the time till which the billing information will be updated.
  7. In addition to its CRM and project management software’s, Worketc also has an independent document management software where you can upload, store and share documents with your partners or employees.
  8. The document management software also helps you share your documents with your customers.
  9. The combination of the CRM, project management and document management software’s gives you a very strong and flexible tool for your business.

Worketc is an extremely versatile and powerful tool for you to keep track of all aspects of your business. Moreover, it is very user-compatible, thus ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Download : Worketc – online CRM and project management software


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