Windows Phone 8 – 11 New and useful Features for WP 8

It looks like that Microsoft is on a mission – mission to provide more customization to Windows Phone users. Microsoft unveiled some of the top features in Windows Phone 8 in the developer summit. Oddly enough, Microsoft has made their previous consumers unhappy by not providing Windows Phone 8 or WP8 update.


However, users can get some of the features of WP8 through WP 7.8 update. Imagine the pain of Lumia users (especially Lumia 900) who bought their device few weeks back hoping to be eligible to get WP8 update in near future. Despite of all having great UI and flawless design, users were furious with Microsoft for lack of customization options in WP7.

Redmond based software giant has silenced all the critics by announcing Windows Phone 8 OS with more customization options, new home screen option, microSD card support and plethora of more useful features. It brings forth a lot of new features that will put it in race with likes of iOS and Android. However, it would be too early to call it as a replacement of those Mobile OS.


Shipping this fall, Windows Phone 8 will run on three different resolutions giving a second hint of fragmentation. It supports 800 x 480, 1280 x 720 and 1280 x 768 resolution making it less resolution compared to new iOS device. It was inevitable for Microsoft to step up its game by providing more screen resolution options to developers as well as end-users.

This will allow them to compete with likes of Android in ‘bottom of the pyramid’ i.e. low-end smartphone segment. It will also allow OEMs to customize the hardware according to the need, however, make no mistake that we’re not talking about next to featured phone market which is predominantly enjoyed by Android. For that Microsoft has provides Lumia 610 and other low-end tango powered devices.

Features of Windows Phone 8 OS

  1. Native Code Support – Windows Phone 8 will allow developers to write apps in native code. It will greatly enhance the possibility of luring android and iOS developers to make a shift to WP8 platform. It will also ensure that users will get much better quality games from wide variety of range.
  2. Shared core support – Windows Phone 8 will run on Windows NT kernel, same kernel which also empowers Windows 8 tablets. It will also bring multi-core support. The ‘share Windows core’ will allow seamless integration of file system and kernel which will make sharing to Windows 8 and Windows RT system. To back up this Microsoft has planned NFC integration as well. It will make sharing of game, making payment, check-in and other NFC supported services that easy for end-users.
  3. internet Explorer 10 – There is no bummer here. As you would have expected, new OS will bring IE 10 browser inbuilt. Big guy, Joe Belfiore, has also shown some amazing stats of IE 10 which blows Android and iOS devices out of water.
  4. Nokia Maps – Sooner or later Microsoft would have to rely on Nokia’s mapping technology. Starting from Windows Phone 8, Nokia Maps will come to all devices bringing turn-by-turn navigation and offline maps support. This is to compete against likes of Google Maps and Apple’s own in-house mapping technology.
  5. The Start Screen – Honestly, this is the best feature of Windows Phone 8 which will entice end-users the most. WP8 will allow users to manage start screen more efficiently. The new start screen will allow you to resize tiles in three different sizes. It will automatically expand to larger tile revealing more information. Microsoft has also provided more color variations to the users along with it.
  6. Microsoft Wallet – Finally, MS has provided Waller feature inspired from Apple’s iOS feature. It will allow you to store various debit/ credit card information, coupons, boarding pass, tickets etc. Users can either take advantage of NFC system or use them separately. Unlike, other system Microsoft will closely work with other SIM manufacturer or carriers to integrate it into SIM.
  7. Dual Core Chipsets
  8. Micro SD Card Support
  9. NFC (Near Field Communication) support
  10. Full Skype integration
  11. Multitasking

Naturally, Microsoft hasn’t revealed all the top features in Windows Phone 8 yet. The Windows Phone summit was meant for developers so not all the features were announced which might have enticed end-users.

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