Whiteboard Lite – collaborative drawing made easy for iPhone

White Board Lite is a white board application for capturing and sharing White Board discussions easily. The application removes the useless artifacts from the whiteboard illustrations and makes it easier to view, read, print and share.

White Board Lite is a simple and handy white board application for the iPhone users, which helps in collaborating easily with friends and community. This easy to use application is the best way to capture whiteboard discussions, read and share it instantly.

The application removes useless artifacts from the whiteboard images to make it clean and uncluttered, so that users can easily read and share them. The application is ideal for the students and professionals, as well as for the common people. This free to use application also needs no registration, and users can use it by simply clicking on the application.

To use a whiteboard discussion, users can simply click a photograph of whiteboard and send it by choosing the contacts they (the users) whom the users want to send it. The friends and community members of the users will receive this as an e-mail as a clear, uncluttered image with no glares and more readable texts & more visible illustrations. Users can also directly upload the whiteboard images to Evernote notebook and can access it later to check the whiteboard images kept in the notebook.

Features of Whiteboard Lite

  1. Easily capture, share and print whiteboard discussions- This handy white board application enables the capturing of the whiteboard discussions, printing as well as sharing them (whiteboard discussions) easily.
  2. Free application and needs no prior registration required- The application is free to use for the iPhone users and no prior registration is required to use it.
  3. Capture the whiteboard images easily- Users can capture a clear image of whiteboard discussions easily to send, share and print them easily.
  4. Removes the useless artifacts to give clean & readable texts- The application, Whiteboard Lite, removes all the useless artifacts from the whiteboard to give it a clean and uncluttered look for better visibility and readability of texts.
  5. Share it to a plenty of friends instantly- Users can share whiteboard discussions to plenty of friends instantly in no time at all.
  6. Increases visibility- When the users send the images (whiteboard discussion images) to their friends and family members, the image that is received is more clear and uncluttered, sans glare and the text is more readable than the one that is sent.
  7. Evernote notebook support- users can upload their whiteboard discussion images directly on the Evernote, tag your images and save them there. Later, you can access the tagged images whenever you need easily from Evernote.

The whiteboard application helps in capturing, sharing and sending whiteboard discussions easily and instantly. Not only this, the receivers of whiteboard discussions get a clean and uncluttered image with readable texts. The application, hence, is a great tool for the students and professionals who want to make the tool as a way to learning.

Download : Whiteboard Lite collaborative drawing


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