Webplanner – online project management and Planning software

Webplanner is an easy to use application for online collaborative project management. The application powered by Cloud computing is made to brainstorm phases, project goals, tasks and subtasks of multiple level along with the team members of the user.

Webplanner online project management

The application, Webplanner, is an online collaborative project management application to brainstorm tasks and subtasks of multiple level, project goals, phases, etc. with the team members of the users team. While the users assign task responsibilities for their team members, the team members get the alerts and notifications automatically in their device and collaborate with the fellow members and work out with the task details by comments.

with this handy application, users can easily upload and share their project related documents and files with their friends and community members. Not only this, users can also print the project reports directly. Added to that, users can schedule the projects by applying a vibrant and interactive Gantt chart along with dependencies and also a critical path view. This helps the user to keep a track of the projects progress by the Overscreen screen.

It consists of a project status pie chart, future tasks list for the complete project as well as for the project team members and a list displaying team’s status. This browser based application works best on Mac platform. It consists of a management and planning wizard from the project start to end.

Features of Webplanner

  1. Collaborative project managing- The application, Webplanner, is an ultimate project management tool that collaborates with the team members to get the project completed.
  2. Browser based Mac application- Webplanner is a browser based online application for Mac platform or higher.
  3. Consists of multiple tools and features for easy operation- The application consists of easy to use and simple start wizard to install Webplanner. Added to that, users can get an advanced Gantt chart. A project summery overview is provided to the team members along with dashboard support, e-mail notification support, templates and reports support.
  4. Easy collaboration and project management- The application collaborates with the team members and helps in effortless completion of projects. The tool is also very useful for managing the projects efficiently.
  5. Neat and interactive interface- The layout of Webplanner is visually appealing and an interactive interface is what makes the application more popular among its users.
  6. Illustrative descriptions- Webplanner has multiple chart options to describe any task report using chart diagrams. This helps the team members to understand the report well.
  7. Overscreen screen support- Users can check and track their project’s progress using the Overscreen screen.
  8. Assign tasks to the team members & they receive automatic notifications- Users can assign multiple tasks to their team members and they get alerts and notifications about the task automatically and they can discuss the task details further by communicating through comments.
  9. Easy uploading and sharing of project related documents and files- Users can easily upload and share project related documents and files with their friends and community members.

Webplanner is a great tool for the software professionals and IT industries for managing their projects and to communicate with their team members.

Download : Webplanner


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