Webnodes ASP.net based semantic web CMS

Webnodes CMS is an enterprise quality ASP.net based web CMS acts as a perfect semantic content management system. The Webnodes CMS provide you with a better work environment and working edge.

Webnodes ASP.net based semantic web CMS

You can use your accessible ASP.NET expertise with the Webnodes to get better satisfaction of work and you find yourself in a studio enhanced by visual quality.

Webnodes CMS offers easy to use and simple to handle user interface by a using semantic content tool. Webnodes basically deals with content management instead of pages.

Webnodes defines content structures depending on the natural links among the different content matters.

Hence, the content that is linked with one another should be the main concern and not the pages that you might want to use for them.

This focus heading on content leads you to some working benefits. Since the content storage is not restricted to any particular channel you can reuse it according to your convenience.

You can also develop some associative navigation depending on the existing connections between different contents.

Companies find it a perceptive navigation. Webnodes takes care that the innate semantic quality of the content is preserved well.

Thus, the semantic content locomotive acts as the core catalyst in Webnodes by means of which you can deal with complex data sets.

Features of Webnodes CMS

Webnodes CMS being a .NET product has some original and effective features for your project dealings. These features include:

  1. Webnodes provides highly developed image editing systems. You can put in any image of any size. Webnodes crops it up as per requirement. Using HTML for image editing and handling in Webnodes is also very simple.
  2. Equal importance and distinction is maintained between a content matter and its presentation in Webnodes. Generally companies want to put up the same content for a product with different outer structure on the web. Hence, Webnodes enables you to maintain your content matter and just change the presentation part as you need. The CMS provides various design patterns that you can use for your contents.
  3. There is a user-friendly text editor in Webnodes that is quite similar in functions as the Word.
  4. A special feature of Webnodes is that you can use the rebranding options of CMS. If you need to develop your CMS with other branded software then Webnodes helps you do so as well. The rebranding option leads to more litheness while entering into fresh ventures.
  5. Webnodes API system is packed in and has a simple learning process too that makes it possible for new developers to join and evolve with the system.
  6. Projects of any size, large or small are supported by Webnodes and hence have a beneficial scalability feature. It is a one stop solution for companies for their multi faceted projects.
  7. Since CMS is a Microsoft .NET product you can recycle any of the current .NET expertise.
  8. Webnodes CMS interface has a very user-friendly approach.
  9. The SEO of Webnodes is based on Lucene search engine store.
  10. Lucene based search engine.

Download : Webnodes ASP.Net CMS


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