Web2Project – business oriented Project Management System

Web2Project being a Free Open Source along with having a business orientation for Project Management System (PMS) is ideally built for a better future. Web2Project follows the Rich Internet Application (RIA) concept and seeks to provide an effective as well as an interactive way of managing projects and assignments.

It’s been more than three years that web2Project was started. But over time, the system has not just reworked but has also developed its database and its design principles. Not just this, it has also worked towards a clean and better Object Oriented Programming along with a solid permissions model. Web2Project has thus shrunk almost by thirty five percent and has risen in speed by almost 20x. Web2Project now offers a number of new features that you can look forward to. Thus it is a step away from the hackneyed applications of the same type.


features of Web2Project

  1. Being a secure web-based communications program, web2Project can manage any number of projects, departments, companies as well as users.
  2. It helps in avoiding confusion and also seeks to reduce risks as it acts as a one-stop shop from where all project related information can be gathered.
  3. It has a role-based permission system which gives the Project Manager a fine-grained control over all the sensitive data.
  4. It seeks to help in projects and also in group-wide Gantt Charts
  5. It also has a system of unified calendar which supports i-Calendar as well. It is thus helpful in keeping a record of all the relevant events and tasks.
  6. Being a modular infrastructure, web2Project allows addition and removal of the modules in order to customize some of the features according to your personal requirements.

Pros and Cons of Web2Project

Pros :

  1. At a single time, a number of users can avail this service.
  2. It covers a wide range of clients as the application is available in a number of languages. Thus you can choose the language of your convenience to use the application.
  3. One can customize the settings and features according to their personal needs and requirements.
  4. It is helpful in keeping a track to your events and tasks from day-to-day.
  5. It is a user-friendly application as it is very lucid and avoids any complications.

Cons :

  1. Web2 project offers you limited features which can be a major drawback for such applications.
  2. There are unnecessary code base which can be reduced and attempts are being made to do so in the newer versions.

However, Web2Project focuses on satisfying the real business world and its requirements are collected from the community feedback. As a result with time it improves according to the customer’s convenience .It seeks to allow a number of Add-on modules as well as customizations because of its modular application framework. This in turn makes it possible to interact with the core without any efforts.

Download : http://web2project.net/


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