6 Best Web Conferencing Tools for Mac

If you are a Mac user and looking for the best web conferencing and online meeting software for Mac, here are 6 Best Web conferencing tools for Mac OS X.

Yugma – Web Conferencing Tools for Mac

Yugma Web Conferencing Tools

Yugma is a free web conferencing, online meeting, and real-time collaboration software for mac. With whiteboard & annotation functionality, users can share their desktop screen and host or attend online meetings with colleagues.

It’s an ideal tool for individuals, small businesses, educational institutes, and online communities. Up to 2 people can join web conferences together, but there is one more condition that the user can only attend the 1 Hour meeting. – Yugma

BuddyMeeting – Free Online Conferencing Tool


BuddyMeeting is a free online conferencing tool that allows the user to create an online conferencing room for up to 25 people at a time. A user can collaborate with anyone, in real-time, by creating meetings online using the BuddyMeeting application.

Also, a user can join an already active meeting upon being invited, share your desktop screen, ideas, business presentations, and many more. BuddyMeeting uses BigBlueButton (BBB) technology as its backbone for communication.

The advantage of BBB technology is that it provides a secure channel for communication apart from providing tools for sharing files in PDF or PPT format. Also sharing desktop screens, video, text, and voice based chats are also supported.- BuddyMeeting

GotoMeeting – Video Conferencing Tools for Mac


GotoMeeting is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing tool for Mac. You can instantly join, host or manage a video, audio, or web meeting from a conference room, your desk, or a remote location via your Mac, PC, or mobile device.

It has an integrated phone and web conferencing tool with free VoIP to save your money and enhance your communication. – GoToMeeting

Fuse Meeting – Video Conferencing Tool for Mac

Fuse Meeting

Fuse Meeting is a cloud-based visual collaboration, online meeting, and multi-party HD video conferencing tool for mac.

You can share any content like videos, presentations, desktop screens, and photos rich in detail and color from any place in the world.

Easy to Upload your content to the conference room or directly share it from your desktop in real-time. – Fuze Meeting

iVisit – Conferencing Tools for Mac

iVisit Online Conferencing Tools

iVisit is a free video and web conferencing tool for Mac that allows combining video conferencing, instant messaging, desktop sharing, and presentations all into one easy task with friends, family, and colleagues from anywhere. The software uses peer-to-peer networking to reduce the cost of conducting online meetings.

iVisit’s Web Conferencing Software allows people to talk face to face with live video feeds in real time. There are a great number of things that the Web Conferencing Software can do and holding online conferences and meetings are just the beginning.

It allows up to 8 users to collaborate on projects by sharing their desktop screens, docs, apps, and more in a live video meeting. – iVisit

ReadyTalk – Web Conferencing Tools for Mac


ReadyTalk is a Web Conferencing tool for Mac that allows you to conduct web and audio conferencing, webinars, and virtual meetings. It’s an affordable, easy-to-use web conferencing tool, so you can easily focus on the meeting’s topic, not the technology behind it.- readytalk


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