WavePad – Sound editing software for Mac and windows

In Windows the unit of basic sound recording is the WAV files. Its size is much larger compared to the MP3s and using the WAVs you can easily perform the task of editing easily.

So, this tool of WavePad Sound Editor from NCH is really of great use which not only specializes in multimedia but also in audio software.

WavePad Sound editing software for Mac

This is a superb tool that is not only flexible but also compact and powerful and is used for editing and analyzing WAVs or just finding a similar type of digital audio file.

It is mainly suited for editing and cleaning up of transcribed LP records. With the aid of this tool you can also analyze the sound, add effects and can also do many more functions.

The interface of WavePad is essentially used for the manipulation of audio signals and contains a media player that has time indicators and a spectral display along-with specialized controls.

You are certainly required to browse a folder of CD tracks and select one of the files of WAVs. The audio spectrum of the files in WavePad is displayed in a two zoom-capable view where one has a pretty smaller overview while the other one have a comparatively larger view.

The larger one contains a larger graphical display. The zooming facilities, the types of views as well as several other features can be changed or modified through the modification of a timer having hundredths of seconds, playback controls and sliders.

There is a separate toolbar for reducing the noise, pitch and speed settings, reverb, echo and many other effects, plug-ins and several other tools.

You must click a button for playing the audio track and the output can be viewed with the help of moving red line on the spectral graph.

Many additional features are provided by WavePad that is pretty interesting and that includes a batch converter, tone generator, and text-to-speech tool.

Features of WavePad

  1. The functions for sound editing include copy, cut, paste, insert, delete, auto trim, silence, and many more
  2. Audio effects include, normalize, amplify, envelope, equalizer, echo, reverb, reverse and many more
  3. Through the use of this very integrated VST plug-in all the users can access several additional effects and tools.
  4. Several VST Plug-in Effects that are absolutely free can be recommended.
  5. Includes free music library and sound effect
  6. Almost all types of music as well as audio formats are well supported by this tool that includes wav, mp3, gsm, vox, au, wma, flac, aif, ogg, real audio, m4a, aac, amr, mid and many more
  7. You can easily use several special and additional effects through the use of batch processing and you can also convert many files into a single function only
  8. Tools include speech synthesis (text-to-speech), spectral analysis (FFT) and voice changer
  9. The feature of audio restoration includes click pop removal and noise reduction
  10. The interface provided is pretty easy to use and the entire task of editing can be completed within a few minutes
  11. Sample rates are supported that extends from 6 to 196kHz, mono or stereo, 32, 24, 16,or 8 bits
  12. The rip mode of this tool is ultra fast due to own CD ripper.

Thus, WavePad is the basic unit in Windows that helps in sound recording. All types of file formats are well-supported by this and all its features certainly make it the most demanding tool in recent times.

Download : WavePad Audio Editing Software


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