5 Amazing Wallets For Men

A wallet is a small, flat case that can carry items such as cash, credit cards, and identification documents such as a driver’s license. Wallets are often made of leather or plastic. Here are the amazing smart wallets available For Men you must try.

5 Amazing Wallets For Men



Spendwallet is the world’s first E-Wallet that digitally combines all your cards securely into one master card.

You can store up to 20 different credit, debit, and gift card data into the single master card, browse through those cards and select before you pay by simply tapping the buttons.

Furthermore, when your smartphone and Spendwallet connect through Bluetooth, the Spendwallet is 20m away from your smartphone.

It will instantly notify your phone that you left your Spendwallet behind. To secure your data, Spendwallet will automatically lock itself and self-destruct included data when lost.


Elemental Wallet


The Elemental Wallet holds what you need in life. In today’s society, the internet and online banking have taken over most of our purchasing needs.

Cash transactions are rapidly declining. Most people can get by carrying their ID, two to three credit/debit cards, a bus pass, and maybe their insurance cards.

But if you need to carry more cards, Elemental Wallet can hold up to 25 of them. In addition, the push slot allows quick extraction of cards by popping them out of the wallet with one fluid movement.

The rubber bands used in the design allow the user to replace the bands if they break easily. In addition, it can hold other items like cash, card, or keys for easy access. Adding cards is super easy with the hand-polished edge. Slide them in!


The Scrubba Weightless Wallet


The Scrubba lightweight wallet is a creative, ultra-lightweight wallet ideal for tourists and sports enthusiasts. It offers an almost weightless, water-resistant means to hold everything you need while traveling or exercising.

Upcycled using extra material from the Scrubba wash bag, the lightweight wallet is a pretty amazing product in its own right. It supports the planet’s health, activity, and vitality and those who enjoy it.

Like the Scrubba wash bag, the lightweight wallet represents our clean, light, and free ideology by letting you carry everything you need without any unnecessary weight.

Slim and compact, it fits into tight activewear and casual pockets as well as hidden travel pockets, making it the perfect companion for all sports and activities.

In addition, it allows you to stay active without the problem of small wet weather or sweat, turning your paper notes and receipts into pulp. Available in traditional Scrubba green, white, or black, the lightweight wallet:

GOQi Wireless Charging Wallets


Its modern double zipper wallet holds your travel documents, boarding passes, cards, pen coins, jewelry, and cash in one place and keeps your devices fully charged while traveling.

In addition, the GOQI Continental wallet is designed to charge your phone wirelessly when placed on a wireless charging station.

You can also charge it from any laptop, computer, power strip, or wall socket via our USB(A) cable. There are many charging techniques for each tech gadget, so we give a micro USB cable with the GOQI Continental wallet.

You can charge your watches, trackers, headsets, rings, and glasses with the appropriate adaptor.


TR Travel Wallet


The TR Travel Wallet easily holds your passport, bank cards, money, and other essentials, so you can focus on what matters most: enjoying your journey.

You will have your passport, typically valid for ten years. You don’t want to mix it with your used clothes, nor would you want to expose it to foreign substances.

It can easily ruin a passport’s paper book in minutes. Please protect it. Seriously. Never be left without a pen again! You must fill up your Customs forms and other travel documents, not to mention sign autographs since you’re a rockstar.

Please be prepared. You can easily store your bank cards, ID cards, license, and more with two card compartments.

Of course, you’d want to leave your passport and other valuables in your bag on your night out in Buenos Aires or wherever in the world your adventure takes you.

However, its compact size enables you to carry it on the go in your front and back pockets should the need arise. Built with a lightweight microfiber material, which has good breathability and high tolerance towards tear and abrasion.



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