Voila – Screen capturing made smarter and simple

The first tool that is developed on the platform Mac is the Voila and it ensures the complete liberty to capture chooses any shape as per liking and it may include shapes like Polygonal, Triangular, Freehand or Circular.

Other features include Full screen Capture, Menu Capture, Rectangular Capture, Timed Capture as well as Object Capture.

Voila scrren capturing tool

the user interface provided by Voila is simple to understand and also very intuitive. The functionality is understood with-in a very short span of time and customization of the available features is also done with great ease.

The main window of Voila is pretty well organized, while taking several things into consideration regarding the sequence in which the actions are to be performed in case of the jobs of image processing.

Several users will use this application and this is the fact that was kept in mind while developing this application. This application is used by all irrespective of a photographer or a designer a photographer uses it with the intention of photo enhancement while a designer will create something more than his plain drawing and so they are free to use this for multi-purposes.

The following are three actions on which Voila focuses are: annotating and graphic editing, image capture and image sharing and export.

Voila is the perfect companion to create presentations, tutorials, or documents quickly from various types of contents present locally on the user’s computer, or from the Internet.

All your videos and images can be accessed by you wherever and whenever you require them from any place. This work is done effectively by the smart Organizer of Voila. Thus you are only able to focus on important issues without even required to bother about other things that will be done by the app itself.

Your tutorials can be made more interesting, informative and professional using the service of hosting Annotating tools.

Your videos can be cropped from the desired portion using these effects and editing tools so that it gives a more attractive appearance to the images captured by you. Presentations are given a beautiful design and shape on their own by this application itself and you are not required to be an expert in this field of making presentation.

Sharing of your work is possible with all the people all around the work on finishing your work and all these are achieved with a mere single click. The various modes through which sharing is possible are Flickr, Mail, FTP, YouTube and many more. You can also get a desired print out of your work.

Features of Voila

  1. Provide Complete Capture Solution :
    • Screen Recording made easy and simple
    • Capture each and everything
    • Easy to browse and snap web pages
    • Snap web elements
    • easy to import existing files
    • support for customizable global shortcuts to easily access the Voila
    • capture multiple screenshot simultaneously from different portions of the screen or websites
    • Clipboard
    • Capture Active State
  2. Annotate :
    • Support for vector annotations like Text, Arrow, Line, Shape, Callouts, Blur, Brush and Stamp.
    • Blur and eraser
    • Selectable & non-destructible
    • Edges, Skew and Filter
    • Easy to resize, rotate and crop particular portion of the site
    • Draw attention to a specific area on your image with Spotlight.
    • Marquee
  3. Get organized :
    • build your own screenshot database
    • Easy to add metadata to your screenshot. Add titles, relevant tags and describe the information for each of them.
  4. Share :
    • User can easily sharer screenshot through Apple Mail or Microsoft® Entourage®.
    • Easy to publish them on web
    • simple to Print your screenshot
    • easy to resize your screenshot before share.

Download : Voila screen capture tool


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