Vlingo – Mobile Voice Recognition App

Among all the iPhone apps there are handful voice-transcription app available for making any call or for searching anything on the web.

Vlingo - Mobile Voice Recognition App

Vlingo is definite the best one. The design made by it is simply awesome and it is really very easy to use and attractive as well.

The web can be easily searched while you speak on the phone using Yahoo, Google, dial contacts, Bing, update your status and map a location on Facebook and Twitter.

For editing you are required to touch the keypad that even happens in the areas that are noisy even when you murmur and it is also audible if you speak at a very fast speed using the electronic ears of Vlingo that are really very sensitive.

The task of Vlingo is to listen to you when you put your finger on the app’s Speak & Press button. All your recordings are then copied into the server of Vlingo when the speech of yours is converted to text and then again sent back to the app of Vlingo.

There are four basic components to which this app responds which have quite a few subtle variations – Social Update, Find, Call and Search.

There is an in-build app browser provided by the Team Vlingo that can make subsequent as well as triggering searches.

Though there is a lack of speed in Vlingo but this iPhone violates the feature of SDK. You can begin the searches and you can also set a profile for recognizing voice onto the phone book of yours.

Vlingo is really a very powerful app that effectively work on the platform of other mobiles and you can easily upgrade or improve the premium version that have been launched through the prep text messages and e-mails that has the voice power of yours .

After previewing any of your emails you can easily send them. You can also add certain the feature of SMS that will assist you in sending certain messages that are transcribed and they can be entered into the text field before sending them.

The SMS as well as the e-mail feature cost $6.99 singly, and a total $9.99 for the entire bundle. A high range of productivity is provided by the free version of Vlingo and is very essential when the speed is impractical, inconvenient, or slow.

Very powerful features are still supported but this app that includes the ability for approving a message for posting or sending vocally that is tapped by using the screen.

Features of Vlingo – Mobile Voice Recognition App

  1. Search the Web – The web can be searched using the features of Vlingo.
  2. Dial your phone
  3. You can update any of your features provided in Twitter or Facebook
  4. Open Native Blackberry as well as 3rd applications
  5. You are free to send any Text messages to any Contacts using the Vlingo for Blackberry
  6. You can also reply to any of the text messages to any of the Contacts for the users of Vlingo for Blackberry
  7. Text messages can be sent to any of the contacts

Vlingo is thus a very essential tool that is of great use. Finding anything on the web has become very easy through the use of Vlingo.

Download : Vlingo


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