13 Best Usability Testing Tools

Here is the 13 most useful and simple Usability Testing software for webmasters, designers, and usability experts to improve site user experience in less time.


Usabilla Usability Testing

Usabilla is a usability testing software for websites that allow webmasters, marketers, analysts, designers, and usability experts to collect design feedback from the visitors about their website.

Users can conduct online usability tests on any design like sketches, mock-ups, early designs, websites, or any other image at any stage in the design process.

it has a user-friendly interface where users can view their survey or usability test results in visually presented Charts and heat maps.

No need to learn any special technical knowledge or install any other software to use Usabilla. – Usabilla

Userfly – usability testing software

Userfly Usability Testing

Userfly is a simple usability testing tool that offers you a highly detailed usability test with your real site users and websites.

when you start the Userfly usability test on your site it will automatically start recording user visits and their behavior like mouse movement, click and form interactions.

Userfly provide all results in video format and playback them on a page by page basis, so you can easily select a specific page and track the behavior of visitors for that page. – Userfly


Loop11 Usability Testing

Loop11 is a remote usability testing software that helps you to test the user experience, identity navigational, and usability issues about any website.

Get the complete detailed information about any website quickly and cost-effectively.

No need to download anything or code anything to insert and users the Loop11.

it’s a 100% online and remote usability testing tool to track results in real-time. – Loop11

IntuitionHQ – website usability testing

IntuitionHQ Usability Testing

IntuitionHQ is easy to use and simple to set up website usability testing for web designers that give you really fast and most valuable visual feedback to improve usability in less time.

The designer can share their user feedback with clients easily and visually to improve leads, sales & reputation for user-centered design.

Just upload a screenshot of your designs, write any tasks with them, and preview for the test. – IntuitionHQ


Usaura Usability Testing

Test your user interface design with Usaura and you get the real user test data in minutes that will help you improve your site usability.

It uses a screenshot of your site design so the software can easily test your work at any stage in the design process, whether it is a sketch, a prototype, or a live product.

Users can conduct so many types of tests such as heat maps for user click movement, Accuracy, and the time it took for people to click.

Preference tests, asking people to pick between items. There are also text feedback tests and multiple-choice question tests. – Usaura

Bagelhint – online usability testing

bagelhint Usability Testing

Bagelhint is easy to use and simple online usability testing and UX testing for your web and apps designs.

just upload your website mockups, Screenshot, or capture live sites and ask the unlimited questions and instantly get real-time results for your tests.


Silverback 2.0 – Guerrilla usability testing

Silverback 2.0 Usability Testing

Silverback 2.0 is a Guerrilla usability testing software for designers and developers.

Easy to capture screen activity and add chapter markers on the fly. control your test recording with the remote and also easily export to QuickTime.

Silverback 2.0

OpenHallway – remote usability testing software

openhallway Usability Testing

OpenHallway is a browser-based one-stop remote usability testing service for website and software’s where users can record a screen and voice as they use your website so you can learn what they like, what they hate, and why they leave.


UserTesting – on-demand usability testing software

usertesting Usability Testing

UserTesting is a low cast on-demand usability testing tool.


  1. Specify demographics to match your target audience
  2. Intercept visitors browsing your site in real-time
  3. Describe the tasks you want users to perform
  4. Test your website, your competitors’ websites
  5. Prototypes
  6. Facebook Games
  7. Google Ads
  8. Mobile Apps
  9. Get instant feedback within the hour
  10. Edit
  11. annotate
  12. make clips
  13. Easy to download
  14. Analyze videos


UsabilityTest.com – Usability Testing software

usabilitytest Usability Testing

UsabilityTest.com is a remote usability testing with real users, so no need to recruit visitors to conduct a usability survey.

it uses your real current user and invites them to participate in a usability survey just as they land on your website.

you can also filter user browsing sessions by satisfaction rates, task completion, or reasons they visited your site.

Concept Feedback

Concept Feedback Usability Testing : 13 most useful and simple Usability Testing software

Concept Feedback offers you quick, actionable website feedback from a hand-selected panel of experts in design, usability, and strategy. 


Chalkmark Usability Testing : 13 most useful and simple Usability Testing software

Chalkmark is an online screenshot testing software where users can test screenshots and visual designs to ensure that your users get started on the right foot when they hit your website.

Chalkmark’s heat maps will show you visually where your users clicked on your images for each task assigned.



FiveSecondTest Usability Testing

FiveSecondTest is a landing page optimization tool for Mocks and Wireframes. It helps you to find the most prominent elements of your design.

just upload a screenshot or Mockup, set some questions for answered, and Waite for perfect feedback about your design.

When tester visits your screenshot or mockups, it has only five-second time to review your mockups and then answer the questions you have set.

it collects all of the responses from the tester and represents the data into beautiful graphs with frequent keywords. – FiveSecondTest


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