Unzip compressed files in your Mac with UnZipper

While sending multiple files, you may get annoyed to send it one-by-one. And for that, if you use any zipping application, you may face difficulties while unzipping them. However, UnZipper application for MAC can help you to get rid of unzipping problems you used to face in other unzipping applications.


UnZipper powered by Olimsoft is an unique utility application software which helps in unzipping the compressed files in no time at all. So the users can send or receive multiple .Zip files or directories full of zipped files seamlessly and easily.

The application, Unzipper, also creates sub-directories for .zip files and helps the users to organize them as well. The users can also unzip files into directories present in the computer. The users can also view the directory structures and zipped files without mentioning their respective path.

They can also unzip the files without mentioning the path. Simply double click the desired zipped file, select the directory or the file, right click it and click on “send to” button and then “Fast Unzipper”. You will easily get the desired file unzipped within few seconds. Added to that, you can also opt for automatic deletion of files when you are done with zipped files and directories.

Features of UnZipper

  1. Fast and easy Unzipping- Unzipper for MAC is an easy to use application for fast and simple Unzipping.
  2. Creates Sub-Directories easily- The utility application creates sub-directories easily where the user can store his/her .zip files.
  3. Easy to access zipped files- The application helps in easy-accessing of zipped files imported and stored in any directory or sub-directory.
  4. Easy to import and export multiple files- Unzipper makes it easy to import or export multiple files at a time flawlessly in any format.
  5. Unzip files into existing directories- The application helps the user to unzip many files at a time in their existing directories so that the users can identify the files easily by their directories.
  6. Easy to handle- UnZipper is easy to handle as an application and can work easily with a single/double click operation.
  7. View directory structures without mentioning paths- The users can view directories stored in the computer without mentioning their paths.
  8. Runs all the zipped files- the application executes and runs all the zipped files effortlessly and identifies the valid filenames by WP’s filter sanitizing tool.
  9. Avoids attaching duplicate files while zipping- While zipping, the application seldom attaches any duplicate files and helps in segregating the original files from the folders containing both original and duplicate files.
  10. Equipped by latest tools for better functioning- The application is supported by latest tools and functions like the new PclZip version and WP core functionality so that the users can enjoy the fast and simple application with ease.
  11. Works well on complex directory paths.
  12. Takes no time to install- UnZipper is easy to download and installs in few minutes.
  13. Disable automatic file extraction- The users of this application can effortlessly disable automatic archive file extraction by disabling the plug-in.

Unzipper is an easy-to-use application, which has many additional tools that makes it more useful than any other Unzipping utility application.

Download : UnZipper


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