Translucent for Mac – Get detailed real-time system monitoring information

The real-time information is provided by the Translucent in details regarding all the things that resides in your Mac.

Translucent effectively displays the time taken by each of the processors at any given span of time and it also displays the amount of your memory being used by it and also the volume of data being received as well as sent on the network interface of yours and also the volume being written and read onto the hard disk of yours.

Translucent for Mac

In the form of small addition translucent displays itself on the status bar of yours computer and provide detail information in the form of tooltip style pop-ups related to any sensors present in the status bar of yours.

The sensor information of Translucent is also displayed by it in windows with the intention of more detailed and larger information viewing.

The installation of Translucent is done through their additions on the status bars that prevents you from getting distracted from your focus on other applications as well as the desktop of yours on your own computer.

For any requirement of additional knowledge on any of the sensors Translucent is ready to provide you with additional information using the tooltip style pop-ups specified under your sensor or a window that will provide the complete knowledge on all the details that is going on inside of your Mac.

For speedily getting any information you must use the facility of command-clicking that can be applied to any sensors available in the status bar that will provide a detail window associated with it.

The display of Translucent can be customized by you as per your desire and requirement and the features of it are being displayed in the status bar itself.

Features of Translucent

  1. Memory information : The memory space being used by your computer system is shown by Translucent and also the free and available space is being shown by the Translucent.
  2. Network Activity : The IP address of your computer system is easily viewed using Translucent that simply requires the scheme of Option-Click on the item of the network when the window of the tooltip is being opened or the interface name is being clicked that is present on window of the network. The use of this technique is also very easy and for using this you are not required to have a deep knowledge on the operating system that has the address which is self-assigned.
  3. CPU Utilization : it show you pre-processor loads on your Mac which give you detail information about processor, how much each one of the processor is being utilized by the applications and the operating system.

Thus, Translucent is a very helpful feature that shares all the information stored in your Mac.

It is not only very intuitive but also is very easy to use. For all these reasons it has increased its brand value to a considerable degree.

It is therefore a must try software for everyone. It is sure to provide effective features to all its users.

Download : Translucent


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