Traffik Lite – The best Social project management Tool

Traffik Lite is a social project management Tool that helps the users to easily make contact with each and every member of his project team within a single interface, although having the feature of posting comments like the way it is done in social networking sites like Facebook.

Traffik Lite Online project management service

Through this explicit feature of posting comments the users can easily post their comments on the status of the projects or get users alert through the use of an e-mail.

Files also shared with others by the users other than tracking the time spent on a project. You will find several applications as well as certain tools of collaboration on the internet.

it has traffic light design quick status view which show you the status of your project like Red color indicate that project on Hold, green color indicate Project on the way and Yellow color indicate more attention needed, Even Blinking yellow light indicate Immediate attention required on project.

The concept of Social project management is not new and it has come a long time back. However, different tools approach the given tasks in different ways and it is unique for each and every tool.

The process is streamlined due to the provision of some additional features that help the users to work on long as well as short term projects. The website of Traffik Lite is the combination of both professionalism and colorful personality.

The interface of the Traffik Lite is very appealing that even the beginners may easily use it without any difficulty.

Features of Traffik Lite

  1. Social Networking – The feature that has marked the increased use of Facebook over Google is the provision of its facility of instant messaging. The effectiveness of Facebook also stands out prominently over Google. Through the explicit use of Traffik Lite you can instantly transfer all your messages instantly to the intended clients as well as users via e-mail. You are also free to share files with others. Other than that you can also track the time that has been spent by you on the given project and also enables you to get a very quick overview of the project of yours specified within that area.
  2. Simple expand and Compress View : With simple expand and compress view you get more details on a project without having to go to a separate page.
  3. File Storage – You can easily all the project files (up to 100MB) of yours that has been specified within your projects. There is absolutely no need to save files separately in any storage system that may be lost in the due course of time. . The files that are connected to your project can be easily accessed by you in the hour of need.
  4. File Sharing – You can easily share files with any number of specified users or users instantly just through a mere click. The interface of the Traffik Lite can be used for uploading files and the specified users will automatically find that e-mail in their respective inbox.
  5. Time Tracking – You can easily and quickly log your time. The entire time span of your working on the project can be checked by you by merely clicking on the log button of the Traffik Lite.

Thus, Traffik Lite has thoroughly activated the process of social networking and through its use contacts can be easily made with each member of the group through a single interface.

Download : Traffik lite


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