10 Best iPad Apps for Artists – draw, sketch & paint on your iPad

The iPad has a clear, spacious screen that makes an incredible canvas on which you can draw. sketch and paint your creativity.

Making beautiful art is just one example of how the iPad can benefit artists.

If you’re an illustrator, artist or graphic designer, you can now work effectively on the move like sketching, painting, prototyping, and annotating photos.

Here are 10 Best iPad Apps for Artists to draw, sketch & paint your creativity on iPad.

10 Best iPad Apps for Artists

Procreate App for iPad

Procreate app for iPad comes with a Silica painting engine as well as a very gorgeous User interface.

Procreate is voted as one of the most influential iPad apps available today in the market.

The app covers more than 120 different kinds of brushes, inks, colors, from true-to-life sets of pencils as well as a set of different utility tools.

This iPad app can be considered as a full-fledged digital studio available at your fingertips.

One peculiar feature of this app is that it is very fast compared to traditional applications. For artists and creative beings, this app is definitely a must-have. – Procreate – Sketch, paint, create.


  1. Beautiful User interface
  2. Charcoal, semitransparent interface keeps you focused on your artwork
  3. Multi-touch functionally
  4. Easy to adjust the brush size & opacity on the fly
  5. Ultra-High Definition 4K Canvas size
  6. Create custom canvas sizes
  7. Incredibly smooth and responsive 64-bit
  8. Deliciously responsive smudge tool
  9. Multi-threaded, utilizes iPad’s multiple cores
  10. Dropbox integration
  11. Advanced layering system
  12. Dynamic layers–up to 128 layers, depending on size of canvas.
  13. Lock layer transparency
  14. Easy to Copy and Paste layers from/to clipboard
  15. Pinch layers together to merge or apart to create a new layer

Art Rage – Best iPad Apps for Artists

Now you can have the ultimate painting experience without all the mess and most importantly, without spending much money.

Art Rage app for iPad offers a set of creative tools along with natural painting elements such as watercolors as well as oils.

You can blend colors and create your own customized creations on the digital canvas. Art Rage places the tools of a real art studio at your fingertips.

It takes care of your creations by checking the wetness of the colors along with guiding you on how to create more intuitive shades as well as pieces of art. – ArtRage iPad app for Artists


  1. Offered Real world painting tools
  2. Easy to add Layers to your painting and work on individual elements without touching others layers
  3. Easy to Import photos and convert them to oil for smearing or as Reference Images pinned to the canvas as a visual guide.
  4. variety of Tools such as Oil Brush, Watercolor, Airbrush, Palette Knife, Paint Roller, Paint Tube etc..
  5. Layers
  6. Recording
  7. Many Useful Utilities like Unlimited Undo / Redo. Load photos as References or Tracing Overlays etc..
  8. Create paintings up to 1440 x 1440 on iPad 1, 2048 x 2048 on iPad 2 or later.
  9. Full support for Retina display iPads

Paper app for iPad

As unique as the name is, Paper app for iPad offers the most beautiful and user-friendly canvas for creating those wonderful pieces of art.

This is where your ideas actually begin. By using Paper App for iPad, you can now capture your ideas in the form of sketches, diagrams, notes, illustrations, and can also share as well as publish them on the web simultaneously.

You can try this app for free and can, later on, buy more utilities from the app store online.  – Paper by FiftyThree

iDraw – Best iPad Apps for Artists

Among all the iPad apps in the market today, iDraw is definitely the most features packed vector drawing as well as illustrative app for iPad.

iDraw is a unique collection of all the basic as well as high-end tools that are required to create drawings, illustrations, notes, diagrams, and other creative stuff on your iPad.

You can now create both complex and easy designs while on the go. There is no longer the need to wait until you reach your workplace/ home to start your work.

It consists of shape libraries, can import/ export PDF files and a lot more. – iDraw for iPad

Features :-

  1. Essential set of shape tools and libraries
  2. PDF and SVG import/export
  3. Dropbox Integration
  4. Dimension lines
  5. Boolean path combinations
  6. Canvas scale, Rulers, and Units (mm, cm, inches)
  7. Pen tool multi-point selection and editing
  8. Multiple Layers for create complex designs
  9. Powerful Pen tool for creating custom shapes
  10. Multi-color Gradients
  11. RGB color picker
  12. Brushes
  13. Bezier Pen Tool
  14. Customizable Canvas Styles
  15. Grid Snapping
  16. Masking
  17. PDF import and export
  18. Export drawings as vector-based PDF and SVG files and also export transparent PNG or JPEG images

Colored Pencils – Best Colored Pencils For iPad

Colored Pencils for iPad is basically a painting application specifically designed in order to create an illustration using pencils.

Apart from iPad, Colored Pencils also suitable for other iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod touch as well.

You can now carry on your artwork anywhere and everywhere without any difficulty.

In this app, colors are mixed using unique processing, hence offering a large variety of shades as well as colors along with erasers.

You may also use the Color History to see which colors you used in your previous creations. – Colored Pencils

Features :-

  1. Unique processing technique for color mixture
  2. simple and easy to use User interface
  3. many colored pencils
  4. blender tools for color smoothing.
  5. saving favorite color option
  6. using color history
  7. canvas size (square): 320×320, 480×480, 640×640, 768×768
  8. canvas size (vertically long): 320×480, 480×640, 640×960, 768×1024
  9. canvas size (horizontally long) : 480×320, 640×480, 960×640, 1024×768
  10. layers (copy, merge, rearrange, adjust transparency, add to max 8 layers)
  11. smart canvas is fully-zoomable from about 12% to 1600%, rotatable in 360-degree circle, and reversible
  12. undo / redo with maximum  50 steps
  13. send mail with a painting image attachment
  14. Easy to Upload them to Facebook, Twitter

ArtStudio – iPad Apps for Artists

Here comes the most comprehensive tool in the app store that is best for editing, sketching as well as painting purposes – ArtStudio for iPad.

ArtStudio features a beautiful new user interface and a powerful new graphics engine to make creating works of art faster, easier, and more fun!.

Faster speed and easy to use approach are peculiar features in this app. It uses the latest drawing algorithms and is till date the fastest and most precise version of the Art Studio app. – ArtStudio for iPad

ASketch – Best iPad Apps for Artists

ASketch is one of the best tools for beginners to learn more about drawing without thinking about pallets and Tools.

Charcoal drawing is where this app comes into full force. This app is compatible with all iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone as well as iPod touch.

Also for the advanced artists, ASketch offers a wide range of abstracts, cartoons, landscapes, and other tools for further enhancing their experience.

You can now pick up your drawing and other creations, resize them and move them all over the canvas. – ASKetch for iPad

Features :-

  1. Image zooming
  2. Image transformation – Scale/Rotate the image via a simple pinch gesture.
  3. Three distinct pencils types
  4. 20 Levels of undo/redo
  5. Easy to configure pencil by using two fingers to pinch and rotate
  6. Rotation of the pencil circle changes the line width.
  7. Specially designed and optimized for multi-touch gesturing

Tracing Paper – Sketching App for iPad

Here is another useful sketching app for iPad which is simple yet elegant in its functionality.

Compatible with all iOS devices, this app provides you with a plain canvas with grids, which you can use to trace images as per your requirements.

This feature will surely help in improving your drawing as well as designing skills.

You can choose any photo from your library and trace it on this canvas, further resizing, moving as well as rotating it. – Tracing Paper for iPad

Features :-

  1. Super-smooth drawing with proprietary OpenGL-based rendering engine
  2. 2 Different pencil styles
  3. Support for tracing any photo from your device’s photo album
  4. Gallery mode to browse to create/load/edit your traces
  5. Easy to apply Shading to your Pic.
  6. Customizable brush size to help draw or shade larger areas
  7. Zooming, rotating and panning of the image to trace to focus on the details that matter
  8. Flood Fill
  9. Undo/redo up to 8 actions
  10. Saving your creations to your Photo library

FX Photo Studio HD – Best iPad Apps for Artists

FX Photo Studio HD was voted as the Best Young Adults App in the year 2012.

Exceptionally, FX Photo Studio HD app for iPad comes with 194 high-quality effects, overlays, frames as well as filters.

Apart from these, many other features like graffiti, frames, vintage, blurs, textures, sketches, black & white is present there within this incredible app.

This surely is a hand full for all the artists out there. Instead of having all these features, FX Photo Studio HD app is extremely simple to use. – FX Photo Studio HD


  1. Wide variety of brush effects, overlays, frames as well as filters
  2. Highly Customizable Effect
  3. Color Splash
  4. With over 190 photo effects and masking tool, your creativity is truly unlimited.
  5. Upload images from iTunes, Camera roll or even your Facebook albums. You can share creations via most popular social networks, including Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr.
  6. Simplicity

A+ Signature – Multi Usage Photo Annotation App

A+ Signature for iPad allows you to create your customized marks on your photos.

You can add your signature, create a watermark for any photo as well as create a fun card with your ideas.

Signatures can also be created using this app to be used in other official documents as well.

Using this app, you can add extra life into your pictures and apparently into your lives as well. – A+ Signature


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