Todolicious – Simple Task list and To Dos for Mac

Todolicious is a simple yet easy to use task list and To Dos for Mac that help you to complete your tasks.

it has simple user interface which is not only easy to use but also elegant and consists of a pop-up window that enables the listing of your tasks, dock icon and a box of pop-up that enables the entry of your tasks.

Todolicious task list

Todolicious does contain repeating tasks, due dates, contexts, or any other information that you tend to find in the applications of other task management for the Mac, such as Things and Omni Focus.

Todolicious focuses more on the effectiveness of the task management. It is highly effective for short term planning. With it you won’t be missing any of your tasks.

The design of this app is pretty simple and there is no complexity in the task management system that does not hamper the productivity of the app as well.

As time pass by the consistency of the system begins to degrade while the user is already burdened with tasks and their maintenance and so out of sheer boredom the users will certainly stop making the use of this tool.

For the simple entry of a task you are just required to click on the icon of the dock and enable the tapping the sign plus in your own window. Even hot keys can be assigned for the creation of new tasks.

There will be a pop up of the task window and you are then permitted to enter your task. The size of the windows is huge and that is its coolest part! This feature is loved by many.

The tasks can be typed in and they can be visualized in the form of letters that helps in a faster completion of tasks. Just pressing the enter button the task is automatically added onto the list of yours.

Features of Todolicious

  1. Quick : New to Dos can be added in no time at all. All you have to do is select the task and with just a click your new task will be added.
  2. Tiny : The space for your screen can be saved by you for your desired work.
  3. Beautiful : There is provision for three styles from which you can choose your desired style as per your choice and style.

Time is Money and so it should not be uselessly wasted by you by scheduling your To Dos and meticulously tagging , So now you are free to spend more of your time doing those things. Thus it is highly beneficial in saving much of your important time.

A wide range of keyboard shortcuts is provided by the Todolicious system that enables the addition of To Dos so that enables you to manage the next task of yours very quickly out of your head.

New to Dos are also created with the keyboard shortcuts and you can also hide as well as show the To Do list of yours.

Download : Todolicious for Mac


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