TimeControl – The Best timesheets for Finance and Project Management

TimeControl is one of the very few timesheet software’s that are designed to fulfill both the Finance as well as Project Management segment as a whole.

TimeControl timesheet software

It is also a notable fact that the TimeControl software provides significant links to most of the very important project administration tools like the Primavera, Microsoft Project and Deltek and also has the ability to link to any of the Payroll, HR or Finance system of yours.

TimeControl is also very much cost effective as it is available at only a penny per day. Overall this timesheet software has very high probability of lending effective services to your organization. It helps you to boost your organization’s productivity, efficiency.

At the same time manage all the projects with respect to time and also with respect to your organizations budget and ultimately earn good ROI. Mostly the Human Resource and the Finance department of an organization requires this kind of an effective timesheet software to.

Time control is an electronic time management device to make your financial and assignment arrangement an easy one. The development of the program started from 1984 and it has finally at your service with various applications.

The department of payroll is designated for a single timesheet and presence. Another type of timesheet is meant for controlling different type of terms related to time management, generally operated by the HRD.

For billing arrangement a different timesheet is being applied. The function TimeControl performs is very much automatic in nature. The smoothness of the matrix that it incorporates has made it the best option to deal diverse issues.

Even time control can be the bridge between two projects and getting an account of the time as well as junction where it has been utilized is being recorded. No matter you use oracle, Microsoft office or any other platform.

Features of TimeControl

  1. User-friendly Interface : TimeControl has a very user friendly interface. You can simply edit your timesheet in a weekend using the hassle free interface and it is extremely intuitive too. It is also compatible to all the browsers and supports different languages.
  2. platform for Smartphone : TimeControl now comprises a cellular interface designed exclusively for smartphones like Blackberry, win7 mobiles, Android platform and also for the iPhone.
  3. Easy to track missing timesheets and Email notifications : With TimeControl you will also be able to find out information about any of your missed time sheets. You will also be receiving timely email notifications so that you don’t miss any of your pre fixed schedules.
  4. Security : Since TimeControl deals with the financial part of your organization, it has a tight security system which safeguards all your financial data. You will even have the feature of protecting your data with a secured password.

With such outstanding features, TimeControl is sure to provide effective support to your organization. Timesheet is an excellent software which helps to implement strict deadlines for your organization. With the help of timesheet you can give a proper structure to your working schedules and can maintain them on a regular basis.

Download : TimeControl


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