TimeIQ – The Best online time tracking tool for Small agencies

TimeIQ is a very effective and highly advanced and completely incorporated biometric based time tracking tool that heightens efficiency and also eludes deceptiveness.

TimeIQ time tracking tool

The E-buddy clocking prospects and computerizes the compilation of data, therefore permitting corporations and organization to supervise or administer their labor force and the linked outlay more efficiently.

Dissimilar to most of the other such stuffs, TimeIQ was manufactured from the base which is to be utilized with the biometric clocking strategies, and thus as such, bids a faultless integration by means of the effective iPulse variety of biometric tools, together with the uneven, self mechanical flight tool for remote position.

The TimeIQ graphic representation guidance lends a hand to the clients paying attention in producing graphs that integrate TimeIQ’s information, data, analysis, modeling, and maneuvering potential. The course comprises of an effective hands on training exercises.

A single day of TimeIQ Charts guidance with two third of the complete course being lectured and one third are delivered on the basis of intensive exercises. Software manufacturers or developers who are attending the TimeIQ Charts guidance sessions.

It also have the vast experience in getting into remote or local databases and retrieving or creating TimeIQ Objects using the effective services of TimeIQ. They are also well acquainted with the Java Swing platform.

Users will also put on an appreciative knowhow of how to build the graph sequence or series in the Java based structural design. Users will also have a premium working acquaintance of assortment types of graphs that the TimeIQ Charts would be able to produce.

Features of TimeIQ

  1. Time or Instance Entry : What you call the lifeline of the TimeIQ is the Time Entry vibrant screen. It allows all the employers and their employees to get access into the timesheets at any time of the day which also takes care of the aspect that all the reporting and billing tasks are accurately handled.
  2. Reports : Authoritative reporting permits you to modify your own observations into your occasion stats. Above all aspects is that, you can send abroad your account data into QuickBooks, Excel, or a criterion Comma bordered CSV file which can be unanimously imported.
  3. Projects and Clients : All your client details are effectively administered and managed by the Client Manager application. It not only handles all the contact details but also takes care of the current projects handling details. With the utilization of the Project manager you can also remove or add projects to and from your system also you can add details to your different employees or departments of your organization.
  4. Employees : Employee Manager Tool allows you to store all the essential information and data regarding all your data and employees. You can also store all the related details of your employees and their related personal contact details that you might need at any point of time. You can also track their records and assign any of your personal comments that you might require while assigning any of the projects to the employees.

Thus with the availability of such effective features, it is a must try application.

Download : Time IQ


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