Ticketbud – online tickets and event registration software

Ticketbud is an online ticketing, event registration and marketing service that gives you the right of Selling online tickets of your Events affordably and easily.

Even electronic checks as well as the major credit cards are well accepted by the Ticketbud that helps you to make your payment in the own PayPal account of yours.

ticketbud onlie ticketing

PayPal is well integrated into the Ticketbud that helps you to display the very Event Page of yours and also helps you in collecting money directly from the selling online tickets into the PayPal account of yours.

After the event creation, five easy tools will be shown to you to "Get the Word Out". Sharing of your events is permitted on Twitter and Facebook and even you can publish an event on Facebook through the use of the app of Ticketbud Facebook.

If you are a WordPress user then you should install the Plug-in of Ticketbud WordPress that will automatically add the links of your Event Page onto your blog.

Events can be also shared by you on Twitter, Facebook, and other possible sites of social networking just by merely clicking the share icons located at the very top of the Event Page of yours.

The various data that are found here includes ticket type, customer name, price and many more. Downloading of any information is permitted here and the downloaded information is found in a spreadsheet that enables you to filter, format and sort your list.

The information’s can be even valued so that they appear in the events in the nearby future of yours. People can easily sell tickets to concerts and events to any number of people through the use of Ticketbud.

A profile can be easily built using the features of Ticketbud application that will help you in your events, recording admission sales and accepting payments.

The website of Ticketbud application is really very soothing and it is really pleasant for the eyes. All the users can work on it easily and comfortably. Thus, the use of this application is really very beneficial for the users.

Features of Ticketbud

  1. You can invite your guests through emails
  2. The data of the guest registration can be easily exported to the files of a spreadsheet that enables to gather effective information on valuable marketing for the events that will take place in the nearby future.
  3. Tickets can be sold in the currency of your own country.
  4. Through the use of the application of Ticketbud Facebook it can be easily published on the Facebook.
  5. 2D bar-coded tickets can be easily scanned with data of the guests
  6. You can create a link from the current website page of yours to the Event Page of yours
  7. You can easily a add an image or a logo onto the Event Page of yours
  8. You can store the web address of yours permanently that will help you to cabinet your events. For instance: myusername.ticketbud.com
  9. Public as well as private events can be promoted
  10. Through the use of the plug-in feature of the Ticketbud Word Press you can easily integrate this into the Word Press Blog of yours.

Thus, through the use of Ticketbud application the online selling of tickets has really become very easy. You can also build certain events onto the Facebook through the explicit use of this application.

So the use of this application is indeed very beneficial to all its users.

Download : Ticketbud


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