Thymer – task planning and Project management made easy

Thymer is a project management and task planning tool that is web based. The usage of this tool is very simple and so it can be easily used by anyone. No prior knowledge regarding or any software package is required for using this web based tool. The usability of this tool is very unique and you can eventually start working on it as soon as the computer gets started.


This tool has three underlying goals and they are as follows :

  1. Organization of your tasks as well as projects and also documents
  2. Enables you to show the underlying interface on which your colleagues are working
  3. the several ways of getting out of your own way as early as possible. Besides, all these there are several other features that enable the smooth working of this tool.

The several uses of Thymer are as follows :

  1. Sorting using the drag and drop method.
  2. Processing using the natural language.
  3. Page design is done here in a unique way.
  4. Enables working on emails.
  5. Several shortcuts are available through keyboard.

Features of Thymer

  1. Smart Input : Thymer carefully assigns the takes to the respective person, specifies the deadlines and also specifies the project on which they should work.
  2. Projects : Projects are created for the organization of your tasks. Separate color codes can be used in order to signify the team members as well the respective projects on which they are working. Payments can also be made on hourly basis depending on the number of hours worked.
  3. Page Design is done uniquely : all the features are available on one page and this provides the organization and delegation of all information on one single page.
  4. Time as well as Cost tracking and reported : the number of hours worked by each member can be tracked. Payments can also be made on hourly basis depending on the number of hours worked. Also keep in mind the time and cost constraints.
  5. Shortcuts : Tasks are performed very quickly using several shortcuts on the keyboard.
  6. Tags : Tasks can be organized with tags and projects. You can also search and filter them.
  7. Reminders : The deadlines for your upcoming projects are received as email notifications much earlier.
  8. Search : Tasks can be found out in all projects by using this.
  9. Team Working : Enables people to work in group where each and every member will be aware of their own responsibilities.
  10. Track your proceedings : You can always keep yourself up-to-dated without any interruptions. All the in formations are displayed on a single page and they can be obtained at a very quick glance.
  11. Permissions Teams : Permissions can be set on each and every individual project or each and every individual user. Team administrators are required to be set. The entire work can be successfully carried out without even a head or a boss.

Thus all these features are enabling Thymer to gain its popularity. This web based tool can be used without any prior knowledge on any software. There are several useful features and so due to all these reasons it is largely in use today.

Download : Thymer


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    their are few open source task and project management tool which can be used for small cap/medium cap

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