The Hit List- simple Getting Things Done (GTD) for Mac

The Hit List is a very simple and easy to use application to build and manage lists of daily tasks. This sophisticated application helps you to schedule daily tasks and organizes your day’s plan. Update it once and forget the appointments and tasks. The tool will do it for you. The simple yet captivating layout allures the user and with a single click of a button, you can add, delete, edit or reschedule all your appointments without much painstaking.

The Hit List GTD for Mac

The Hit List is an easy to use task organizing application especially built for the busy professionals. With this handy application, the user cannot afford to miss any appointment or event. Based on a simple list-making concept, The Hit List helps you in planning and scheduling daily chores.

There are many tools and features that enable the user to keep a track of upcoming events and appointments. The list tool helps in highlighting and planning a list. The user can view all the daily priority tasks by the help of ‘Today’s List’ tool. The timer helps to keep the user focused. The smart folders of The Hit List build the exact layout for your daily chores. You can also edit and reschedule according to your preference and can add or delete tasks easily.

Features of The Hit List

  1. Easy to use – The Hit List gets full marks on its usability and user-friendliness. One can easily add, delete, edit or reschedule any task or event with a great ease.
  2. Layout – The sophisticated, smart and simple layout appeals the user.
  3. Listing – With the use of list tool, the user can easily plan the list of events, to-do tasks and appointments easily.
  4. Taking notes – The cards tool helps in taking notes against each and every appointment or event that helps the user to understand and remember the appointment or event.
  5. Today’s list – This tool helps the user to view the priority tasks scheduled for today.
  6. Easy to make an entry – The user can easily make an entry at any point of time.
  7. Notifications for repeated tasks – The application- The Hit List can be so programmed to repeat the bill dates, weekly/monthly/yearly meetings and appointments, etc. accordingly
  8. ICal Sync – The user can access the list of appointments, schedule, meetings and events in other compatible devices too.
  9. Smart Folders – You can easily organize your tasks and create a particular view for your tasks by putting them into smart folders.
  10. Timer – Timer helps the user to measure the development of any task.
  11. Apple Script support – You can also get Apple Script support with this application that helps you to keep your tasks integrated.

The Hit List gives you the freedom to forget all events and schedules by keeping the track of events and appointments and sending you daily reminders and notifications. This is a very simple, yet a very useful tool to keep your daily chores in sync. The application is also quite flexible and can be customized according to the user.

Download : The Hit List


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