Teamwork – The Best online project management for freelancers

Teamwork Project Manager is a software application that is based on project management and it provides a very easy team-work using online facilities. Almost everybody including staffs, clients as well as managers get to work together effectively online.

Teamwork Project Manager

It is project management software that is purely Web based for small teams and freelancers. So no need to use any other hardware or software to install.

Milestones, tasks and task-lists as are set for each and every project, messages are also sent that are rotated between clients and team members, time tracking and file sharing. Nothing is needed to be installed.

Teamwork Project Manager provides a subscription as well as a hosted service. A sub-domain is provided to you on signing up.

Features of Teamwork Project Manager

The several points of comparison of this software with other software’s of the same type are given below:

  1. Projects – The highest level in an organization is provided by a project. Milestones, tasks and task-lists as are set for each and every project
  2. Time Tracking – The time spent while doing a task can be logged. A bill can be tagged against the logged work that makes the clients invoicing much easy.
  3. File Sharing – Uploading as well as sharing of files is possible within projects. Very limited space is occupied by the uploaded files and it depends basically as per the plan chosen by you.
  4. Tasks and Task-lists – Tasks can be grouped together into task-lists. A milestone is associated with each and every task. You can post your comments on tasks and Teamwork PM enables you to do so. The progress of each and every project can be tracked easily using reports due to the feature of adding comments to tasks.
  5. Notes – Documents in the form of notes can be edited by team-members. Notes are documents any team member can edit. Login information as well any other reference material is used for the purpose of tracking projects
  6. Messages – Clients and team members can communicate with each other pretty freely through messages. Team members can receive messages via their email and even their replies are added to the message board using email. This enables free communication among team-members.
  7. Unlimited Users and Companies – A limitation can be imposed on the number of users who is referred as “active users” by the tools of project management.
  8. Risk Register – Teamwork Project Manager provides a unique feature of registering risk. The potential risks that may hamper the successful completion of the project may be registered by you. Risk prioritization is also a feature that enables you to set the risk as per their priority that has the highest likelihood of throwing away the project.
  9. Email Integration – Get notifications and alerts via email. The greatest feature of this software is that you even send your reply to the emails via messages. You can also post your comment automatically on the message board.

Download : Teamwork Project Manager


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