TeamLab – cloud based collaboration platform

TeamLab is a multi faceted site application, which lets you manage projects, collaborate with clients and colleagues, also edit, and manage your important documents.

Apart from these, you can also communicate effectively with your colleagues and friends at ease. This application can also be accessed through mobile phone where you can sign in and manage your work and colleagues.

TeamLab collaboration platform

You can also effectively manage customers and get their reviews about the services of your company. You can even send emails to your clients and customers through this application.

It show the emails and messages your clients and customers send to you. TeamLab provides you software as a service solution to effectively manage your work and other aspects.

You only need to register to use this application. you need not install, upload or download anything to use this application. You just need to spare few minutes to start your account and get going with your work.

The application automatically updates your information and you can access the application from anywhere where you have internet connection.

The operations and work solutions are simple and effective and let you complete your work easily and effectively. It is a free open source platform for collaborating your business and increases your fortunes and customer base.

You can manage and handle projects and connect with the colleagues through the social networking sites linked with your portal. TeamLab is an effective solution for the different companies, both small and big to review and manage multiple projects and work schedule contacts.

TeamLab is a free application and you can easily sign up and use it without having to spend a penny. The application is continuously upgraded and improved. It is to give you effective work solutions and make your tasks easier.

You do not even need to download any supporting application or software to make this work. This application goes with any browser format and operating system to effectively give you the best working experience.

You can add contacts and employees over at this application to coordinately work on the projects and deals. Apart from that, you can schedule tasks and prioritize them for the different employees and workers effectively.

You can send comments, receive and view them from your account. Apart from that, you can also make reports of the work and projects and then send them to your colleagues. You can also review these reports sent by your colleagues simply by signing in.

you can categorize your employees according to the different departments and assign tasks for them. You can create blogs and portals to let outsiders review your project and then give their respective comments. Apart from that, you can upload photos and share them with your communications.

Features of TeamLab

  1. Edit – you can easily edit documents through the TeamLab portal. Your colleagues without any issue can review these documents.
  2. Manage – you can manage and handle your private files and documents without any problem. You can also publish data with other colleagues.

TeamLab is a good application, which helps you do multiple tasks and handle files and projects with your colleagues effectively.

Download : TeamLab


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