Team Doer- collaborative Project and task management application

Team Doer is a simple yet useful application to manage the tasks and projects of the user. This collaborative project and task management application is tailor made to suit the requirements of web-designing studios and small scale web development companies.

Team Doer

Team Doer, as the name suggests, is a collaborative tasks and project manager to aimed to small scale web development firms or web designing studios. Like G-mail tasks application, Team Doer is basically a to-do list of tasks on steroids.

The users can upload their tasks, manage & organize them, share them and can get feedbacks from their friends and community. The application is based on a very simple approach to get the team tasks done collectively. The tool can be used to a simple task such as organizing a party and the application takes the responsibility to handle every aspects of it. The application works on early beta and is a freeware.

Features of Team Doer

  1. Organizes and manages tasks & projects- Team Doer is a utility based web application which can organize and manage several tasks and projects.
  2. Simple yet useful application- The application, Team Doer, is a simple yet useful application for professional uses.
  3. Chic layout- The layout of the application is unique and chic, that appeals the users.
  4. Works as a team member- The application works as a team member and handles several multiple tasks related to the prime task given.
  5. Create to-do list of tasks, organize and share them to get instant feedbacks- the application helps in creating, managing, organizing sharing and getting instant feedbacks for to-do lists of tasks. You can create one or multiple to-do lists at a time and can save them as a folder. Later, you can easily access them by their tags and can share them through your gmail account within your community and friends. Even if you don’t have an account, you can simply add the e-mail IDs of your friends and share the tasks. You can get instant comments on your application too, using this unique application.
  6. Easy to learn and handle the application- The application is kept simple so that the users may not get confused on the operations. This application is also easy to learn and is quite interesting as a tool.
  7. Ideal for web-designing studios or small development firms- Team Doer’s simple yet powerful approach enables it to handle functions of a web-designing studio or of a small development firm.
  8. Free to use- The application is absolutely free to use and the users can simply download it to use.

Though the application is a very simple and a useful tool for managing projects and tasks, it cannot be used for big enterprises or firms. The drawback of this application is that it doesn’t have sufficient tools that can work on bigger task management.

Download : TeamDoer


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