Taskfreak – Online task management tool to organize tasks per project

Task managers are one of the most desired tools by most professionals. With the growth in professional service providers there also has been a rise in the demand for the task management tools.

taskfreak task management

Of the many available online task managers, Task Freak is one such task management tool that GTD based and completely written in PHP and use MySQL as a database Backend. User can also use SQLite as database backend (Optional).

The user interface is extremely simple and the users don’t need to have much of a technical knowhow to operate Task freak. Task freak is technologically advanced and knows the perfect aspects in managing the tasks for any person or organizations.

It is designed to place the orders for any specific task as per the priority of the person or organization concerned and also agree upon the deadline. It takes into careful note about the deadline of the task and provides reminders in due course of time.

Task freak will also be taking care of the aspect that all the tasks of yours are correctly grouped and prioritized as per the project and the context of the organization.

Unlike most of the other time management tools, time freak is absolutely free and is also an open source platform.

Task freak came in to existence in the year 2005. Since it is an open source tool, many active developers have developed the original version of task freak a lot and has created an altogether modern, advanced version of task freak. Task freak is available in over 24 different languages.

Task management tools have their primary function of administering the tasks of the users or the organization as a whole. It takes care about the task and also every major detail related to it.

Like it records the type of task or the expected time of completion or the amount of time that has been already spent and even the deadline for the projects.

Time freak is really quick to perform all its actions and the user interface is also extremely simple. Above all it is compatible with most of the handheld devices. It also promotes the multitasking feature. However Task freak lacks a few things.

There is no additional plug-ins for this management tool and most of all there isn’t any support option for the multi tasking option. Task freak also promotes the idea of team work. With task freak you would be having the option of planning tasks, creating reports, administer projects.

You can also collaborate you work by teaming or sharing your work and by organizing meets amongst your team mates or colleagues. It also provides the effective option of email notification.

Features of Taskfreak

  1. GTD based To-do list and task management
  2. simple setup with SQLite or MySQL
  3. uncomplicated and simple to use
  4. manage tasks by precedence and time limit
  5. systematize by project or context
  6. completely free and open source platform

With such an array of outstanding features, task freak is surely a must try tool and is most likely to provide you with beneficial support.

Download : TaskFreak – task management and to-do list


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