Task Mate- Simple To-do list and task manager for Mac

Managing the operations of a company can be a very arduous task. There are various considerations that you need to make. Cost minimization and increasing of productivity are two of the most important considerations. In order to get your work done in the shortest possible span of time, you need to have a proper mechanism for allocating tasks to the best available person.

Task Mate

Get task mate helps you to organize your tasks in a centralized manner so that the entire operation is taken care of.Get Task Mate helps you to organize all your tasks in the form of a to do list. It is compatible with the MAC operating system. You can even use Get Task Mate in your iPhone.

With Get Task Mate you can keep a tab on the ongoing tasks, the incomplete tasks and the completed tasks. This enables you to maintain your business processes in an efficient and effective manner. A new update on Get Task Mate has provisions for accommodating the retina display of the iPhone 4. It also has provisions for some minor tweaks in the user interface which makes it a very highly interactive programme. The software has hi-res icon which is a boon for all iPhone users. You can avail the Task Mate for iPhone from the app store.

Features of Task Mate

  1. You can add new tasks or remove completed tasks with just a click. This helps you in maintaining a dynamic database for task management.
  2. All the completed tasks are available for viewing. This equips you with the power to retain a comprehensive database of all your tasks.
  3. You can export tasks with the help of the text editor. While exporting a task you will be given the option of exporting it either as a completed task or as a current task. You can even add the new tasks or delete the selected tasks from the text editor.
  4. Task Mate has a whole set of customizable options to make your task management easier for you. You can choose the exact confirmation level before clearing the list of completed tasks. If you choose not to, then you will not be asked for a confirmation before a selected task is deleted. You can also choose the position of Task Mate in respect to other applications. The placement of new tasks in the task list can also be chosen by you.
  5. The software is available for free download and can be downloaded from the home site. The payment is on a donation basis and you pay only if you are satisfied with the product and you have the option of paying or not paying after using the product.
  6. Incase of any problems there is a support system to assist you. You can even follow and contact Task Mate on Twitter.

Task Mate thus makes your task management smooth sailing and hassle free. It increases your efficiency and improves your work productivity.

Download : TaskMate


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