Task list- to-do list manager for iPhone and iPod touch

Task list is a basic yet functional application that manages the daily tasks, events and schedules of the user. With a simple and well-organized interface, the application helps the users to access the to-do list as well as keeps them well informed about the approaching event, task, meeting or the schedule.

Task list- to-do list manager

Imagine if you could free yourself from remembering the daily routines, important dates, events, tasks, meetings, etc. and provided with a tool that could remember those daily schedules so that you could concentrate on other issues? Task List is exactly the tool you have thought about.

With this easy to use to-do list manager, you can manage the day-to-day tasks and events easily without forgetting any of them. The application helps in managing multiple to-do tasks list in one go. Users can also assign priority against any task, set reminders for the important events and tasks and set the due date & time to get easy reminders and notifications.

Added to that, users can also add a note with each element so that when the application notifies you, you can get the details too, instantly. The titles of the reminders can be as long as the user needs. The phone number storage support helps in storing the phone numbers and calling directly from the added task. Add the custom calendar events directly to the task’s list and get alerts, repeats and times scheduled provided directly in the task.

Features of Task list

  1. Easy to navigate- The interface and layout of Task List is quite basic and well organized so that to provide the users an easy to handle application for their daily use.
  2. Add tasks easily- The application enables the user to instantly add and update to-do tasks list in an organized manner.
  3. Imports calendar events and notifies accordingly- Users can access calendar events easily, put them to tasks and can get their repeats, scheduled times and notifications accordingly.
  4. Handles multiple to-do lists- Task List can easily handle multiple to-do lists of tasks at one go without taking much time.
  5. Tag and sort the lists- The to-do lists of tasks can be filtered, tagged and sorted under a particular subject and can be accessed whenever needed using the tag or sorting. A special custom tag provided with the application helps in showing the tasks according to their chronological order.
  6. Direct calling- You can add a phone number to your task’s list, can access it and call from the task directly with a single touch.
  7. Attach directly from contact’s list- The users can easily attach any contact from his/her contacts list and access all the details of the contact instantly.
  8. Add a note- The users can add a note with their submitted task so that when the user accesses the task on a due date, s/he can understand the task completely.

The to-do task list manager, Task List, is a very basic application yet useful to stay focused in life. However, the disadvantage is that there are plenty of applications like this in the market with similar features and performs similar functions like this application does.

Download : Task List – to-do list manager


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